Up and down again

This is one of New Zealands rain forests

  • 8 years 10 months ago
    3 New Zealand rain forest
    WOW...just WOW
    That's what said when I saw that. I saw those in German garden centres for sale. They look great in hanging baskets and keep the moisture in, the birds pull them out for their nests:)
  • ♥ Myra ♥ Premium user United Kingdom (Private)
    8 years 11 months ago
    This resembles a stag rearing, doesn't it...... good image, Christel.....btw thank you for the vote in the contest, can't remember if I did that......
    Yes I think it does too Myra:)I wish it had come out a bit sharper. I tried to sharpen it up a little but the result is still a lot to be desired.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    8 years 11 months ago
    18 New Zealand rain forest
    what a view!