Liza's Bridal Shower
Sep 13, 2008

A nice gathering to shower our girl Liza before she ties the knot! Held at Barbara's game home, the highlight of the day was homemade turon made by Liza's mom. yummmm! :)

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The BIG Day
Sep 6, 2008

Our Wedding Pictures by Mimi Alfonso. She is AWESOME!

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Our Dinner Rehearsal
Sep 5, 2008
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Lani & Beto's Visit
Aug 23, 2008
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Liza's Bachelorette Party
Aug 7, 2008

Oahu, Hawaii!
Aloha! Great group of hotties out to tan, chillax, drink, dance and celebrate Liza's last days as a bachelorette!

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My Bachelorette Party
Jul 19, 2008

A fun weekend with the girls: Winnie, Joycee, Liza, Vicky, Christina, Christy, Carmbo, Erika, Lani ! They planned an awesome and memorable event, I was sad (and still intoxicated) to see them leave on Sunday. Met UFC Chuck Liddell too - got the pix to prove it!

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My Bday Dinner
Jun 22, 2008
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Vicky's Dress
Jun 21, 2008

Its a secret...

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Catalina Island
Jun 10, 2008

We got open water scuba certified here!

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My Tea Party Bridal Shower
May 17, 2008

Tea Party! My girls did an awesome job setting the ambiance and the food my bro cooked up was delicious!!

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Aunt Val & Uncle G's Visit
Apr 12, 2008
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Nov 3, 2007
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Montana de Oro
Nov 11, 2006

Christina and Jereon come out to visit! yaay!

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Rachel & Nate's Wedding
Oct 22, 2006
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SURPRISE to me!!
Jun 22, 2006

You got me good!

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June Bebies, Part III
Jun 10, 2006

Happy Bday to MEEE and CHRISTINA!

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Jay's Bday Dinner
Feb 6, 2006
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Jay's Bday Party
Feb 4, 2006
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Thailand (6 nites) and Hong Kong (1 nite)
Jan 10, 2006

Since we were already visiting India for Roshni's wedding, we figured, "Hey, why not visit Thailand while we're in the area!" So Jay, Liza, and I make plans and enjoy a one week vacation at beautiful Thailand.

Things I will never forget about Thailand.
-Arrive Bangkok, Sid (Liza's friend) meets us at our hotel.
-Warm out. Sinuses dry out.
-Sid walks us thru nearby streets, and we salivate at all the fresh cooked food on the sidewalk.
-Visit the top of his old condo building, and admire a fantastic view of the city.
-Take a ton of pictures at City Palace. Gaudy, but amazing, especially the Emerald Buddah. No pointing feet at it allowed.
-Spicy food.
-Dinner at the Good View. Full bottle of Johnny Walker Green Label for only 40 bucks.
-Fried fish. love it. have it plain, its gooood.
-Club at a bar called Q. Lots of american dudes, plenty thai girls.
-Meet Sid's girl friends. the girls kiss, makeout, and tell us they are "lesbians".
-One girl tells Jay to take a look around to meet girls. She tells him, "C'mon, youre in Bangkok, BE A MAN!"
-Sid gets drunk, and Liza drives us home.
-I sit in the passenger seat, and Liza accidentally drives into a pole thru a narrow street and shatters the side-view mirror on my side before I can yell anything more than "Liza!"
-Found out next morning the car belonged to Sid's girlfriend. yikes. but he is forgiving, thank god.
-Shopped till we drop the next day at MTB.
-Liza and I lost control with the food and shopping when we separated with the boys. Jay got a massage while we shopped.
-Fresh OJ and grilled corn on the cob. Desserts galore.
-Liza and I go to a salon. She gets a shampoo and blowdry, I get a cut and treatment. The stylist cut a lot of hair off, I feel the look is a bit fobby.
-Dinner at fresh seafood restaurant on a pier. lots of mosquitos. Sid's other friends join us.
-Hang out at a bar with a live band. they play awesome 80's american music. IN ENGLISH!
-Fly out to Phucket.
-Bellboy at our hotel offers lots of advice.
-Hit the local beach and chill. Lots of old white beer-belly dudes with young petite thai girls, EVERYWHERE.
-Dinner at yummmy hole in the wall. good fried fish.
-Hit BangLa Road, "Welcome to Patong", SIN CITY.
-Next morning 1.5 hour drive to Phang-Nga.
-Visit Monkey Cave (Suwankuha Temple). BATS!
-Sightseeing Phang Nga Bay by local boat.
-Light blue-green water.
-Visit James Bond Island and hike over hills and narrow pathways.
-Get ripped off by local salesppl.
-Travel Koh Panyi fisherman village.
-Adventure into Elephant Cave. Wear headlights! AWESOME.
-Float into cave on rafts at entrance, BATS sleeping, then, as the paths narrow, we ditch the rafts and walk thru the thigh high water as we enter the deeper end of the cave. CRAZY. MYSTERIOUS. PRICELESS.
-2 hour thai and sport massage- 20 bucks! Sang is my masseus. Short lil thang, but took my body to places its never been before! She soo rocks!
-Go to strip bar and watch talented girls express themselves with pens, throw pingpong balls, honk horns, blow darts at pinned up balloons on ceiling, and pull long pieces of string outta their PUNANI. No pictures allowed. They bow for applause after each performance.
-We are impressed.
-Next morning, boat to Phi Phi-Maya Bah Koh Khai Island Excursion.
-Stop at Monkey Beach, swim in water. Monkeys drink Pepsi.
-Sightseeing at Loh Samah and Pileh Lagoon.
-Checked out beach location where the movie, "The BEACH" was filmed.
-Snorkel at Phi Phi Ley and Hin Klang in crystal clear water.
-Fish devour the bread we feed.
-I see Nemo and little jellyfish.
-Beachside Buffet. yum.
-Relax and kick back on white sandy beach at Khai Nai Island.
-We fall asleep for a bit.
-I float all my stress away, let the water drift me as I soak up the sun. My mind is quiet.
-Return to hotel. Liza and Jay get another 2 hour massage.
-I get a papaya-honey body wrap, mineral water bath, and an "after-sun" facial treatment...all for 60 bucks!
-Roomies and I return back to our favorite fried fish restaurant.
-We're late to the drag-queen show. WOW to see boys glam'd up us sexy hott mamas. Impressive.
-Liza and I fall asleep at the show.
-Everything is super cheap and affordable in Thailand!

Things I will never forget about Hong Kong:
-Impressive skyline.
-Small hotel room. no space.
-Overcast and fog. cold.
-Day tour on bus.
-Visit Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, boat ride thru boat village.
-Quick view of Jackie Chan's house.

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India (7 nites) and Singapore (1 nite)
Jan 2, 2006

Liza and I receive a once in a lifetime invitation to visit India for Jay's cousin's wedding. We make a whole asian trip out of it. Thanks to Jay and his awesome family, Liza and I experience all the wonders and adventures India has to offer.

Things I will never forget about India:
-Bangalore, Jay's hometown.
-Jay's Aunt, Retired Dean of Indian Institute of Science, powerful name of Bangalore.
-Airport: Luggage pushers immediately take hold of our bags without our permission.
-See Jay from afar, run to him for a hug and tell on the luggage pushers. Forced to pay them off, he removes their presence.
-Always have to tip to use public bathrooms and for anything else someone else does.
-Persistant beggars everywhere.
-Small steps inconveniently placed and easily tripped over.
-Railroad crossing guards lowered by actual ppl who stand by.
-Meet Jay's family, get mehndi designs painted on hands (henna).
-Jay's Mom gives us gifts: hand-made sarees. Jay's G-ma gives us bracelots. Jay gives us gold necklaces :)
-Stay at the Indian Institute of Science Guest House, thanks to Jay's Aunt.
-Dinner rehearsal: meet more family.
-Sleepy at 8:30. Can't hold eyes open. Not able to hear a thing cuz we're concentrating on keeping eyes open.

-Conversation with Jay's Aunt:
Her: "blah, blah, the world is great, blah, blah...."
Liza: "I am SOO tired. I can't stay awake!"

-Conversation with Jay's Uncle:
Him: "blah, blah, So what do you think of that?
Meg: smile.
Meg: silence.
Meg: smile.

-Too much wine.
-Ask Jay permission to take a power nap for just 15 minutes upstairs. Jetlagged.
-Liza and I pass out for the rest of the nite.
-Wedding day for Roshni and Jake. Friend is sent to help us dress up in the sarees.
-Pretty flowers.
-Lunch on banana leaves. Good coffee.
-Ride in rickshaw in our sarees, shop at local market.
-Wedding night, change into regular dresses.
-Mango ice cream and carrot mash. yum.
-4 hour drive to Mysore.
-Drive pass corrupt officers, who target foreigners and harass visitors until paid off.
-Narrow roads, not paved, some lanes provided but not used, close call accidents, honking horns everywhere, roads shared with random cows, sheep, goat, camels, horses, dogs, monkeys. Smoke and dust is in the air.
-P every 30 minutes.
-Toilet paper scarce, cows sacred.
-"Whats worse: having face caught in front of exhaust pipe in india, or having someone with COPD cough all over your face?"
-"Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Anniston?" Hands down, Angelina Jolie.
-Lunch at Jay's Granddad's favorite hotel. Santana Row.
-Stop at island fortress of Tipu Sultan (Srirangapatna).
-Stay nite at Lalith Mahal Palace Hotel.
-Take pictures in a room where Ghandi slept in.
-Eat fruit and ice cream under the stars on the balcony.
-Debate topic: "How would you raise your son who may show early signs of cross-dressing." I am told to lower my voice.
-Birdwatching the next day.
-Mysore vs. Bangalore. Mysore wins. Jay gets defensive.
-WE ARE CELEBRITIES cuz we look different! Locals want to take pictures with us and shake our hands!!! We shoulda charged!
-Camel ride. weeee!
-Fly out to Delhi, northern India, stay at the India International Center, thanks to Jay's Uncle.
-Drive to Agra.
-Visit Sikandra (Hindu and Muslim architecture)
-Agra Fort. Red Fort. Like a castle!
-Taj Mahal. majestic white domes. natural gemstones. 96 degree towers. all symmetrical except for Mughal emperor Shah Jahan's tomb. unreal.
-Fathepur Sikri.
-Drive to Jaipur. desert. pretty elephants.
-Jaipur Fort.
-Astronomical outdoor museum.

-Visit palm reader. What he sees:
-I will live long.
-I have many friends, but few are true.
-My feelings get hurt easily.
-I have a temper, and I must try to learn to control it and not think so much.
-I could have continued my education level, but I chose not to.
-I have a strong luck line except for 2 slashes/hardships in my life.
-My stress level comes out thru headaches and back pain.
-Only 2 loves.
-If my relationship does not work out, it will be my fault.
-I will have 2 children.
-I will always be given money by friends and family, but I will never have a full bank account.
-Whatever Liza does, she will be better off financially and professionally than myself. ;)

-City Palace.
-Sore throat and cough begins.

Things I will never forget about Singapore:
-A visit to Singapore for one night in transit to India.
-Clean and safe.
-Stayed at the Golden Landmark.
-Hard Rock Cafe waiters were tenacious.
-Got lots of buttons and cherry 7up out of it.
-Orchard St. too expensive.
-Overslept, no downtown nite out.

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Halloween "P" Partay
Oct 28, 2005

For Halloween, we decided to be a little more creative this time by throwing a "P" Partay! We asked our guests to dress as anything that begins with the letter "P", and boy, we sure got what we asked for! It was an awesome turnout of good friends, colorful costumes and fun times!

Some super cool costumes you might have run into if you came: Black Eyed Peas, Physician of Love, Peepee, Princess, Pimpster, Prisoner, Picture Frame, Pink Flamingo, Paris Hilton, Pretty Pilot, Popstar (Brittney Spears), Polynesian .. to name a few! Jay went as a "Pirate", Liza went as "Pocahontas' Cousin", and I went as "Partly Cloudy with a Chance for Rain" (I got to spray ppl with water and everything .. yaay!)

Oh, and congratulations to the winners of our costume contest....(drumroll please):

*Mike Leonard for his highly unique blow up Prince Albert costume (check it out! He made the stud on top and everything!)


*Kathy, Vanessa, and Angelina for their sexy hott police officer costumes! Everyone loved all three of these cutie was a straight 3 way tie, so they had to decide amongst themselves who was was gonna walk away with a fun-filled gingerbread house kit.

As far as the little "Pull-Up" Contest we had in my room, looks like it was a tie between Arnie and Billy, with Lani coming in last place... but hey! at least she can do ONE!

It sucked that I had to work the next day, but I was so happy to see everyone and once again I had so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Special thanks to all the other photographers who contributed to this album: Jay, Liza, ErikaR, BrianD, Ryan, and, Leonard !

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Gwen Stefani/Black Eyed Peas Concerto
Oct 18, 2005

Floyd had an extra ticket! Yaaay! We go and find out just how old we really are! hehhe...plenty fun though! i loooove gwen and BEP!

Now I'm just waiting for Floyders to send me the picture we to Floyd...I'm waiting.....I need proof that we went. can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME??? Im waiting... ;)

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Brazil Baby !
Sep 11, 2005

If you've never been, then you are certainly missing out cuz Brazil is by far like no other place I've ever been to. The views are breathtaking, the beach waters are warm, the fruit is sweet AND the people are stunning. Brazil is full of beauty, and Joao Pessoa, the city we were in, is truly a hidden jewel that has mastered the art of suspending time.

My lil sister, Lani, and her husband, Beto, decide to take a long due trip to Beto's homeland: Joao Pessoa, Brazil. They bring along their son, Gabriel, to introduce him to his Brazilian roots. And of course, I had to tag along with the fam and watch over them, me being the big sister and all ;)

I bring Joycee (aka: etiquette enforcer) and Tracy (aka: portugese translator) as my sidekicks to this adverture, and we immediately embrace the culture as we are welcomed with open arms by Beto's family.

Joao Pessoa is the most eastern area of all the americas. There, you will be the first in the county to see the sun rise.

Becuz the dollar goes a long way, the girls and I decide to book a hotel on the beach the day after we arrived for super cheap. There were three seperate beds, a hammock on our balcony which overlooked the beach, and free breakfast buffet every morning (including fried banana, fresh papaya/watermelon/pineapple, warm buns, and cooked eggs)! Coconut is also plentiful, and you better believe we had fresh coconut drink on a daily basis.

We seriously did a lot during the 9 days we were here. There just isn't enough space in this website to describe in words how much fun we had, however, the pictures in this album tell it all...

In an nutshell, here is a list of things I will never forget:

-Greetings by Pi, Va-mi, Vanessah, Teo, and Ricardo.
-Grassa cooking us a huge welcoming dinner
-Watching Va-mi and Isabelle's band practice outdoor at a school nearby.
-Climbing on the roof top and meeting neighbor
-Cold water and toilet paper in garbage.
-Big ant hills and Iguana scare at Farol de Cabo Branco.
-Late nite hunt for a beach hotel. Found: Hotel Pousada Costa do Atlantico.
-Shopping on a rainy day.
-Leather placemats and bumper car rides.
-Meeting Ve-a Ma and kids. Gabe going bizerk with his new found cousins.
-Meeting David, american owner of an internet cafe, along with a travelling author (forgot his name). Evidently, David makes the best cheeseburgers in Brazil.
-Meeting talented Chilean artist Daniel, a nomad who travels all over South America to sell his work. We sat with him for hours keeping him company while he made all of our tiles.
-Riding in sand buggies all day long and touring a handful of beautiful beaches including: Tabatinga, Canyons de Coquerinho, Praia de Carapibus, Arco do Amor, Barra de Gramame, and Tambaba "Naturismo" (nude beach).
-Tracy becoming good friends with our driver, Luis.
-Bumping into Junior several times. Turns out he's a driver too.
-While at Arco do Amor, Beto and Lani seal their marriage forever by walking thru the arc.
-Getting splashed by a wave while on top of a rock, but managing to save my camera.
-Going to two beaches where the river meets the ocean. Spiritual.
-Arriving at the nude beach too late, no one there, and I am not able to take pictures of neked ppl. ;(
-Arriving home exhausted and sunburned red like lobsters.
-Family trip to Francisco Church. Tunnel to a river a mile away for priests to escape to back in the 1700s. No killing of any bugs or live creatures on campus. Very beautiful views out in the back.
-Gabey peeing next to a tree in front of another church.
-Going to an outdoor gym where Lani, Beto and Katia had planned to perform. It was later cancelled and Tracy and I got a chance to sample some natural fruit drinks from the bar.
-Boat to snorkel without masks at Picaozinho. Lots of yellow fish, and skin tears from coral. Gabey and Lani freaks out a bit from how close the fish can get.
-Swimming in the middle of the ocean. Gabey enjoying watching us dive in.
-Lani gets sea sick at the end of the trip and throws up.
-Bumping into Junior again. Meeting another traveling dude from Rio who was passing by.
-Clubbing nite. Lots of ppl outdoor. Hanging at an "american" bar where there was a live band who sung Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs. I almost cried. Met Karlena, her boyfriend, Marlon and friends. They're English teachers!
-Boat out to "Red Sands", an island visible up until midafternoon. We played soccer, ate lots of seafood, and just chilled on the beach until the tide came in to devour the beach. Ran into Karlena, Marlon, and friends while there!
-Ended the day at beautiful Jacare, to watch the sunset with moving sounds from a live band.
-Shopping again, losing Pi, but finding Luis who drives us home.
-He and his friend driving us back to the historical center at Church Francisco where we beaome emotional over a beautiful sunset. They sing the background music we had heard at Jacare and we laugh.
-Frojo bar with Buggy guys. Communicating with drawings and charades...slowly learning portugese. Riding a motorcycle back to the hotel! Yeehaaw! ;)
-Fiesta for Gabey's 4th Bday! Lots of food and family, salsa dancing, and live band music.
-Luis picks us up one last time to bring us back to the church so we can take pictures of the sunset since we didn't have our cameras last time.
-We sing happy birthday in portugese and english. Lani and Pi give a heartful speech of thanks and welcome. Gabey has the time of his life.
-Meet friendly locals on the plane ride home.

In Brazil, you learn how to live life in the moment. This trip was a refreshing eye-opener and it made me realize how important it is to take time to smell the roses. Life is too short, and often times we take for granted all the blessings that surround us. I came back to the U.S. with answers I've been looking for to questions I've had for years.

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Mom's Bday Dinner
Sep 10, 2005

The weekend before I leave to Brazil, the family gets together to throw a nice bday dinner for my mom. We head out to Pleasanton and grub at Garlic Di Pasta (my two favorite ingredients in one restaurant!). Good times. ;)

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Jay's Mom and Aunt visits
Sep 9, 2005

Special outdoor dinner for Jay's mom and aunt who are visiting from India. They are amazed to learn from Bugaboo that it only takes 1 drop of mint oil to make 200 sticks of gum!

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Or eee gon
Sep 3, 2005

Bugaboo takes me to his home in Oregon to meet the fam. We spend the first week at the farm in Summerville where he proudly spent most of his childhood. 500 acres of mint, wheat, and grass, the farm is full of beauty, life, and complexity. The night skies are decorated with bright stars and the milky way looks close enough to touch.

While at Summerville, I meet his dad's family, celebrate his bday at a park with the fam, visit the newly made cabin 20 something miles into the forest, attempt to learn pinnacle, drive a John Deere tractor, hike Wallowa Lake, visit his highschool and panther painting, watch a farm go up in smoke, deerhunt in a truck, and eat breakfast early at a real tavern.

Then his mom picks us up to spend the second part of the week with her in Portland. During our 4 hour drive, we visit Multnomah Falls and have dinner at McMenimins. We arrive to her home, and I make Bugaboo remove the scary lookalike "Friday the 13th" hockey masks out of the room I was staying in. He assures me that they're just made out paper mache, but I can't help but to think of "Jason" coming into my room to take back his mask! I sleep with a night light on.

Portland is a beautiful city. We did a lot of fun things like: watching an orchestra play in a park (fireworks and everything!)...(for free!), visiting Mount Hood, huckleberry picking, visiting the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden, and strolling along the Art Festival and Farmer's Market (I love Farmer's Markets!). We also hooked up with his brother, Nate and his gf, Rachel, and hung at this bar where we got a free show at this old couple swallowing eachother's throats. And after having dinner another nite with some family friends, we played Dominos. yaay!

Bugaboo and his family took good care of me while I was there and made this trip 10,000 times way more awesome than I ever thought it would be. I particulary liked not having to pay taxes on any of my purchases! woohoo!

Oregon so rocks! I "heart" Oregon 4eva!

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Bike Ride in Monterey
Jul 15, 2005

Yaay! Well this is a definite rareity! Floyd, Vicky, and myself actually have the SAME day off from work! Woohoo!

We of course take advantage of the beautiful sunny day and drive down to Monterey where we take an adventurous 20 mile ride along the coast! I dont think we knew we had it in us, but I guess when you're surrounded by beauty, you don't really have time to fatigue!

We have dinner at the the end of the pier and Floyd discovers how "high maintenance" I can get when it comes to food!

Afterwards, we buy popcorn and saltwater taffy, then ride pass Cannery Row to head out to Lover's Point where we watch the sunset. What a beautiful and spiritual view---a breath of fresh air!

This was very memorable! Three cheers for "Vicky AND Meg AND Floyd's DAY OF FUN!" hehehe--(that was our little corny theme!)

Tour de Fremont soo rocks!

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My 30th Bday BBQ
Jul 9, 2005

This has been quite an eventful Bday for me. First the dinner, and now the BBQ---Yippeee! Turning 30 isn't so bad afterall!
Our menu included (but not limited to):
Homemade Cajun Rub BBQ Chicken,
Veggie Shish Kabobs
Corn on the Cob
Fruit Salad
and, of course,
Colorful Jello Shots
Thank you to everyone who came out to help celebrate! It was great catching up and hanging out! Special thanks to Jay, Liza, and Ryan once again for helping to organize and supply the BBQ!

Oh, and I received more awesome bday gifts in addition to what I received at my Bday Dinner a week ago (Scroll albums below to see extended list ;). Thank you to:

-Ed for the $50 gift certificate to Macys!
-Carmen for the $50 gift certificate to Nordstrom!
-Sylvia for the candle and picture frame!
-ErikaB (sis) for the Dooney and Bourke wrist purse!
-ErikaR for the picture Frame and Bike Accessories!
-Dave for the bag full of Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar goodies!
-Vy for the candle and Good Luck Charm!
-Jon & Linh for the ice shaver and rainbow of flavors!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! You guys are all so wonderful ;)

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My Bday Dinner with Joycee
Jul 7, 2005

Yaaay! Joycee takes me out to an awesome Cuban restaurant in Palo Alto for my bday! We meet up at La Bodeguita Del Medio. The grub was yum and the service was well done :) She bought me a watch, along with a bag full of delicious tea goodies and dishes! Yaaaay!

Many thanks to Joycee for all the gifts she showered me with, and for such a delicious dinner! I had a wonderful nite ;)

Brazil is just around the corner.....woohoo!

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My 30th Birthday Dinner
Jun 22, 2005

The day I've been dreading is finally here! 30 had to come around sometime, and my friends and family would NOT have let it gone by without being noticed.

The day began when I opended the door to exit my bedroom and became suddenly surrounded by a room full of bday decor courtesy of Jay. It was quite a delight to walk through and a nice way to start off the day.

Then at work, I was showered with the separate arrival of 5 beautiful bouquets (mostly tulips) from from friends and family. Thank you UNCLE ROLLIE, LIZA, MR.ESTEVEZ, VICKY, and BUGABOO ! I couldn't stop smiling ALL DAY ! Jan from work also ended up getting me a very delicious ice cream cake we all enjoyed and devoured in an instant!

Am I feeling loved or what!!!?!

And then...
Liza and Jay organized an awesome dinner at Straits Cafe in Santana Row. Its a lively joint, however, the place was so busy they couldn't allow our party of 25 something to sit in one table. This meant I got to steal and munch off people's dishes as I visited and sat at different tables, enjoying the company of my good friends in different settings. Yaay! THANK YOU LIZA and JAY for setting this up and organizing this! I am eternally grateful!

Afterwards, a handful of us lounged over at the V-bar at Valencia Hotel. We cuddled in a beehive cove, drank yummy drinks, opened presents, and played games like Telephone and Charades.

During our Charades game, I somehow got chosen to be the one to act out ALL the suggestions (whispered in my ear), while everyone sat back and yelled out their answers. Apparently, I am soo good, cuz ppl where able to interpret and guess my non-verbal mimical skills instantly on such things like: squirrel, monkey business, butterfly, Gone with the Wind (Floyd enjoyed that one!), Cabbage Patch, Roger Rabbit, Hitch's Q-Tip, and Napoleon Dynamite! I must pat myself on the back... who knew that drinkin can bring out my acting skills and creativity! ;) hehhee! (j/k)Actually, I should give credit to Charity too, cuz girls got an eye for picking and guessing these things with no effort!!

I opened up a lot of awesome presents including:

-A beautiful Silver bracelet cuff and cleaner from Bugaboo.
-A delicious bottle of Hogue Reisling and a reference book on wine from Charity and Jr.
-A delicious bottle of Kenwood's Cabernet from Austin.
-A perty Rose necklace along with scrapbook stickems from Stina.
-A Black Eyed Peas CD from Joey and Alisa.
-An informative massage book, colorful mug, and Bride & Prejudice DVD from mom.
-A basket of fresh bananas, mangos, and japanese apples, along with a family dinner at Scott's Restaurant from Dad.
-An assortment of different flavor green tea from Hammie and Erika.
-A pretty flower bouquet from Winnie.
-An Express necklace from ???? (please email me if its from you).
-An awesome surprise mexican bday dinner with homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert from Michelle, Faith, and Gracie.
-A totally rad Mongoose Mountain Bike from Liza equipped with a helmet, water holder, gloves, cordless odometer, and bike lock which BrianD. and ErikaR also contributed to.
-A fun filled Friday nite in the city with Jay. He took me to a Brazilian restaurant called Espetus, a Moroccan Restaurant called Marrakech, where we smoked banana hookahs while being entertained by a lively Belly Dancer, and finally Cosmopolitan Cafe, where we chatted the rest of the nite away with yummy dessert.
-A very generous lump sum of $955 CASH for the digital SLR camara I've been drooling over, provided by a handful of awesome people collected from Vicky (THANK YOU VICKY!) including: Jay, Curtis, Charity, Rich, Alisa, Linda, Anna, Ann, Parul, Kristin, Lisa and Art, Arnie, Ida, Jermaine, Floyders, and Vicky of course.

Last week I was really down about turning 30, but I'm over it now. Cuz 30 is just a number, and I have lived a really good life so far. I am blessed and truly grateful for being surrounded all these years by wonderful friends and family, and it is becuz of them, I am who I am.


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Father's Day
Jun 19, 2005

Its gonna be one of those times in my life i'll never forget.

Last minute, we all get together at Red Lobster to celebrate Father's Day, and EVERYONE in my family is there. A bit chaotic but point is: EVERYONE in my family is there.

Afterwards, we chill for a bit at my place (don't know who volunteered that one, but at least everyone in the fam is there.)

Then we end up at Mowry Lanes to bowl!! Woohoo! Even Gabey played! He had his own lightweight ball he had to pick up with both hands, and his own alley equipped with bumpers and a sloped rail for the ball to run down on. Spoiled, ya, but soo cute.

I was soo impressed by my mom and dad's bowling skills! My mom's got aim and my dad's got momentum! Believe it or not, they first met at a bowling alley!! hehehe! We all had so much fun! The whole fam was there, and it was something we all can do together!

As we were heading out, we bumped into the Pelaez family who we haven't seen in years! Talk about a blast from the past!

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Vanessa's Bday/Jermo's Bachelor Party
Jun 18, 2005

Vane turns 29!!!!!!!

My sister and I head out to the city to pick my brother up, then head over to Dirty Martinis to celebrate Vane's bday! Winnie and Arpie meet up with us too, and by the time Vane arrives with the rest of her crew, my bro was enjoying the company of 6 girls! :)

I suggested Dirty Martinis cuz I knew Jermo was gonna be there with his boys for his Bachelor partay! Hheheh! Yaay, I crashed his bachelor party!

Sometime in the middle of the nite, I stumbled over Erika and accidentally gashed open the lateral aspect of her right foot with my heel :(. She screamed, but got over it quickly until... she felt this fluid-like substance on her foot. She looked down and discovered blood gushing all over the place! Yikes! Pretty nasty..had to take a picture of it though..

When we got home, I cleaned it up with saline, applied medication and covered it with a top-of-the-line bandage (Nexcare rocks!). She felt better about things.

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Curtis Turns 24...
Mar 19, 2005

Yaay! Its my bud's birthday! A bunch of us, including his mama and papa, head out to Jillian's early and munch on delicious hors d'ourves in their VIP room as we wait for the clubbing to start later that nite. Curtis got his drink on, but he held up pretty good.

Good times, good fun.

Happy Birthday buddy.

(P.S. Curtis really isnt 24)

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Liza & Erika's Birthday House Partay
Mar 5, 2005

Yaay! Its my girl's bday!

Liza certainly knows how to light it up! After arriving from Bora Bora (lucky ducky!), we have a fun party at our pad to celebrate these lovely March bebes' birthdays. As usual, it was a good turn out, and the girls had a nice time.

Happy birthday chickas!!

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D.L. Hughley at Cobb's THEN Ana Mandara THEN Dirty Martinis
Feb 26, 2005

Charity and Jr did an awesome job in planning everything! Curtis, Arnie, Ann, and I arrived late cuz we grubbed at this yummy BBQ place at Jack London Square before hitting Cobb's Comedy Club where the rest of the gang were. It was a funNY nite;)

As I sat down, I realized I was sitting next to an old high school classmate of mine: Lori W.B. ! What a small world! Apparently she and her husbie are good friends with Charbear and Jr!

After Cobb's, Vicky convinced us all to mellow out for a bit at Ana Mandara where we continued to drink the nite away. Lori and I got a chance to catch up and get drunkenly reaquainted. By the time we hit Dirty Martinis, we were ready to hit the dance floor!

Drink after drink, I was mentally deteriorating. Even when we accidentally bumped into Jermo there (which was a nice random surprise btw!), I thought he was there with us the whole time at first.

By the end of the nite, Curtis had to near drag my azz to the car. Throughout the drive back home, I learned the next day I was so out like trout that I had no head/neck control. Man, it sure doesn't take much anymore. I've lost my mojo. :( But at least I didnt throw up. yaay.

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Snowboardin with the boyz
Feb 20, 2005

Yaaay! I haven't hung out with the guys in a while and boy I've missed em! ;) I drive up to Tahoe (by myself...and that was one big adventure on its own btw!) to meet up with Jay, Rich, Noel, Steve who are already at Nevada Heavenly waiting for me. It was awesome...not a lot of ppl and lots of snow! Towards the end of the day after lunch, we take the lift to the highest point and take our time going down. At one point when all the lifts were closed down and we were the only ones on the slope, I heard the loudest silence EVER! I had to pause and take it all in!!

That nite we hang at Steve's friend's condo which was a couple blocks away (I kidd you NOT!)... It was nice of her to let us stay...

Then we went to Fire and Ice where 2 flashy cooks show off their skills on a huge grill (all-you-can-eat, you choose what's on the grill). While waiting for
our food, I get invited by one of the cooks to strike a pose with him near the grill. I felt so special. Noel took the picture, but the flash didnt go off, so you have to work your eyes out to see our pose ;)

Hmmm, what else happened? All I remember was waking up in the middle of the nite from all the snoring goin on around me!! hehe.

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Jay & Rich's Bday Partay
Feb 5, 2005

Party at the house.. "the staging area"..then clubbing in the city. Since I'm in the middle of taking a 3 week certificate course, I end up staying home to clean up the house partay, while the rest of most ppl go. I heard the guys had a great time!

Funny when you bump into ppl you went to high school with at your own house partay.

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Theresa's Retirement
Jan 28, 2005

My co-worker Theresa retires and so the dept sends her off with a bang. We make reservations to Papillion where many of us get hit on by the drunk dudes hangin out at the bar. We give her a ton of gifts, including a scrapbook of good wishes. Each person from the department created a page for her to remember them by.

Afterwards, a bunch of us hit the bowling alley! ;)

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Snowboarding @ Homewood
Jan 22, 2005

Bugaboo and I hit the snow for the first time this season. We try to save moolah by going to Homewood, but I am somewhat regretful cuz of all those darn flats. Sometimes its worth it to pay the extra $20.

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Let's skate, Vicky turns 28!
Jan 15, 2005

Vicky wants to ice skate, so we all hang out at Yerba Buena in SF to celebrate her bday. After circles and circles on the ice, we numb our bruises at the View Lounge of Marriott for some drinks. We have a bitchy waitress, and Bugaboo lets her have it! ;)

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Vicky's Bday Dinner @ Pearl's Cafe
Jan 13, 2005

Its Vickster's bday and a bunch of us, including her parents take her out to dinner at the infamous Pearl's Cafe in Freakmont. There, we presented her with a bunch of gifts including a GPS monitor for her car. I think she was quite thrilled and happy. Afterwards, the real fun came when we went bowling! We had teams and everything! I think we're all gonna make this a regular thing!

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Vicky's Christmas Day Get-Together
Dec 25, 2004

Vicky hosted this nice intimate Christmas Dinner. We ate good food, opened presents, and gambled the nite away. I'm getting better at BlackJack, I think I came out +$5! Yaay! AND, to top it off, my kaluha cake was a hit!

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Erika's CSUSacramento Graduation/Hammie's Bday
Dec 18, 2004

Im so proud of my sister! Drove to Sac State to watch her graduate, then had a nice family gathering at G-ma's house in livermore ;) It was emotional for me to see her graduate. I'm just very happy to see her transition to this new stage in life, she's come a long way.

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Jay & Liza's White Elephant Get-Together
Dec 12, 2004

Their annual Christmas shindig. I gave away an awesome First Aid Kit and got dvds in exchange: Serendipity, Ferris Bueller, and Day after Tomorrow.

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Lani's 25th Bday Dinner
Dec 11, 2004

Beto set this bday dinner for Lani at this portugese style restaurant in san jose (i forgot the name). The fried banana dessert was so yummerz!

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CJR Holiday Partay
Dec 10, 2004

AnnaBanana set this one up. A little more formal since CJR has money. Floyders took Vicky and I as his date. Lucky guy.

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Rehab Dept Holiday Partay
Dec 3, 2004

I was in the mood for some holiday cheer so I called up Hilton Hotel and made reservations for my department. We ate, danced, and got a little tipsy. I was happy with the way everything turned out. Check out the pix, I even made homemade hot chocolate powder favors for everyone.

For Christmas, I received a gift certificate for Target from the department as a Thank you for setting things up:)

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Monte Carlo Nite
Nov 13, 2004

Its been a rough week. Since tickets were already bought, I decided to go to Monte Carlo Nite at work (yearly casino nite partay) afterall. Christina comes out to be my date, sooo guess who wins the $100 raffle?! CHRISTINA ! Curtis yelled out when Christina's name was called, "AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN WORK HERE"! hehhehe;)

Im actually glad I went, it really took my mind off things. I met a lot of nice ppl, danced a bit, drank my worries away, and got hook'd up by the dealer with extra tickets (shhhh!)

Anyway, thanks everyone, for all your love and support over these past few weeks. Its been really tough, and I appreciate your concern and your thoughts. xoxo

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Steve-o's Bday dinner @ Pizza Antica
Oct 22, 2004

Got to hang out with Steve and friends tonite. Yaay! Good catch up nite! Yummy pizza! Went home early since I had to wake up early the next morning to set up for our third film day on Sunday. Plus, Im getting old.

..(pictures courtesy of Liza's camara)...

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Floyder's Bday @ Miyake's
Oct 17, 2004

Yaaay! We hit Miyake's once again (can you see a pattern here?), but this time its Floyder's bday. A bunch of co-workers came out to play, even my ex-student, Stefanie, was there! I drank a lot I think, but I didnt get drunk unfortunately. I did, however, get sick the next morning. Im thinking it musta been the milk tea I had for dessert after all that Sake and Asahi during dinner.

I gave Floyd a Hooter's shirt for his bday. I thought it was most appropriate considering what happened the last time we were there. See "Journals" if ya wanna know...

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Charity and Jr's Wedding ..Finally!
Oct 9, 2004

All their hard work paid off! It was quite lavish, beautiful, and creative. Each table had bright red floral centerpieces arranged differently than the table next to it AND personalized handmade scrapbooks where guests can write down their wishes beside their pictures. As favors, we all received a cd compilation of their favorite love songs. The bridal party were all very pretty and Charity was lovely!

I sat in table 15 "Benevolence" with my co-workers. It was nice to see everyone all dressed up outside of lab coats. I recognized a few guests I knew from waaay back in the day, which was interesting.

One last thing: Ida looked great! We all loved her makeover! :)

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Joycee's Bday Dinner @ Miyake's
Oct 3, 2004

See "Journals", left column, for details of this event..

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Gabey and Mom's Spiderman Bday Partay
Sep 19, 2004

Check out the Spiderman magnet favors I made...

See "Journals" on left column for details of this event. ;)

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Winnie's Bday THEN Christophe's Bday
Sep 18, 2004

So Vane and I get invited to Chris' BBQ. Good way to start off the nite (FOOOD!). It was funny cuz most of the ppl there were either related to him or had known him since high school!! When ppl asked us how we knew Chris, we giggled and said, "we met him last week at the club".

Then off to Milk in the city for Winnie's Bday Partay we go. This was a happenin place man! Really kewel hip hop playin, and lots of ppl out and about! Managed to talk to Winnie, right before she became incoherent (hehe).

Cut out early just in time to make the tail end of Christophe's bday gathering @ Shanghai. Christophe wore my favorite shirt I like on him ;)

I saw a lot of ppl there who I havent seen in awhile. Twas a nice reunion. Made me feel all warm inside ;).

Later that nite, I asked Steve if he was the one who use to grab his girlfriend's boob whenever he was getting introduced to someone new... He confirmed.

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Girls Nite out @ BLUSH
Sep 11, 2004

Vanessa, Erika, Joycee, and I hit up Blush in Burlingame. Felt good to be with the girls. We meet Chris and his friends who somehow merge our dance groups together to make a soul train dance line. That was funny. At the end of the nite, we get invited to his BBQ next week. Yaay.

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Dinner in Palo Alto
Sep 11, 2004

Vickster invited me out to dinner at this italian restaurant in palo alto (sorry, i cant rememeber the name, and im too lazy right now to look it up---its across from Z-Gallery, for all you curious minds). I met her stanford hospital co-workers, who were all very kewel ppl. I left early cuz I had to meet up with the girls in Burlingame.

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Jarred's Christening
Aug 29, 2004

Jarred's baptism at Holy Spirit Church. Family grub in Union City. Berdal family reunion..

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Charity & JR's Wedding Shower
Aug 26, 2004

SEE "JOURNALS" (left column)

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3 Parties 1 Night
Jul 31, 2004

I dont know how I did it, but I did it. Somehow, in the midst of my crazy schedule, I managed attending 3 parties in one nite. Now to most of you, this is prolly no big deal, but if you factor in coming home from a fully swamped 8-hour day at work (with only a few hours of sleep from the nite before), and being scheduled for another 8-hours of work the next day, you'd understand why I'm amazed. Plus, ya know, Im just gettin old.

1. Party #1 @ Mona's in Bezerkeley. I picked up Christina, and we head out to her friend's house party. We chat a bit with Jeoren, who grills me with 101 questions, trying to make me admit to falsely affairs during the European trip with Chris. He was pink and happily drunk, so I was entertained.

2. Party #2 KevoTivo's Going Away Get Together @ Azul in SF. Im so sad. Im gonna miss my buds. He's leaving for Boston this week to get his MBA. :( Well, at least I have an awesome reason now to visit the east coast.

3. Party #3 @ Suede. Chris and I get here late, near closing time, to meet up with Liza. Its funny, sometimes being here makes me feel like such a groupie. Liza introduces us to some of the party promoters who lets us hang after hours at the club. The new designer of the club, Tony, shows us the bamboo room he's working on, which is pretty creative, and shares with us his plan for the rest of the unfinished parts of the club. Later that nite, I rehab Jay, one of the bouncers who apparently got back from breaking up a fight downstairs. In exchange, he gives me new and specific ideas for workout programs at the gym. Hahahha. That'll come in handy.

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More Action Shots from
Jul 26, 2004

More pix taken from WarrenG's cam. Of course the majority of pix I downloaded here are of me, but hey, what can I say?... lets make this a "Meg" album. If you wanna see more, check out the album 2 down, called Wakeboarding at Whiskeytown.

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Secret Beach, then Suede with the girls
Jul 24, 2004

Joycee and I decide to check out an awesome beach about 20 minutes south of Santa Cruz, recommended by Vane. But thats all Im giving ya, cuz this beach is sooooo off the hook, Joycee and I swore to keep this hidden jewel a secret. Its a big beach, with a very clean surface area, and totally open and uncrowded, almost desolate. The view is beautiful, and fortunately we came on a day full of warmth and sunshine! On the drive up, youre surrounded by bushels of strawberry fields and cabbage patches! All bright green and neatly farmed. While laying out, we laugh at the billions of birds migrating south, parallel to the horizon. It seemed endless almost. There's a very simple calmness about this whole place. Im gonna take her here again one of these days to surf!

That nite, Joycee and I plan to check out Suede. Vane calls up and wants to come out (woohoo!), so now all three of us hott mamas get ready to lite the city up like the good ole days. Suddenly our three becomes FOUR when we randomly bump into my roomie Liza! How funny is that?! I live with the girl and didnt even know she was coming out to Suede!

We see the same ppl who held the place up during the Club Bas era (yes, Club Bas is now the infamous Suede). Even Bob the police officer was there. We hang out with some of the bouncers after hours, have Remi shots with Patrick the owner, then head out to Dennys in J-town for some classic locomoco! Vane tells us that "moco" in spanish means boogas. Ewww, we're eatin "crazy boogas"! Hahahahah!

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Wakeboarding @ Whiskeytown
Jul 17, 2004

Its here..I know you've been waiting..

So James does an awesome job in arranging this camping trip to good ole Whiskey Town (ya, im sure it tastes good over there!), located 3-4 hours up north around Redding and Lake Shasta (or was it Mount Shasta?). DaveL picks me up, along with WarrenG, Steponme, and HugoBenson. HugoBenson and I try to refrain from talking business related things (he is our hired contract for the filming of our business project), but with 3-4 hours to kill getting there, its hard not to.

Whiskey Town Lake is beautiful everyone! Im usually not the gung-ho camping type, especially becuz I NEED a matress, sink, toilet, and shower to be comfy, but, man, this place is beautiful. The weather was awesome and the water...oh the water! It was refreshing and the temperature was perferct. The water was clear and super clean, with barely any moss build up! Camping grounds were just right, making you feel outdoorsy but safe (minus all the "Warning: Bear Country" signs).

We meet James & co when we get there, but James allows our van crew to be the first ones out on the water for wakeboarding! His cousin, Gabe, joins us in the 6-man speed boat....

We all take turns, and when it was my turn, I was pretty freaked out. The last time I did this was back in 2000. This sooo doesnt really count tho cuz it took me like 20 trials to stand up just once for 4 seconds before eating it badly. Quite traumatic man!

But this time was different! Talk about the reality of a learning curve. I stood up after the 4th trial and I think I was up at least 10 seconds! I got up a couple times after that for shorter periods, but what a feeling to stand up!! They let me drive the boat back to dock, but it was a biatch to park, (Austin Powers U-Turn remake!), so I was forced to give up the wheel to DaveL.

After grubbin on BBQ, Frances the Monkey and I take a romantic walk along the shores of the lake. It became even more adventurous when we accidentally bumped into HugoBenson and WarrenG in the woods! We hiked and explored while trying not to reminisce about the Blair Witch Project. THEN we discovered a secret hidden area with a big rock to jump off of. After much debate, we decide to take a quick swim and get a good feel of what that side of the lake had to offer. *Unreal*

On our way home, we try to keep DaveL awake on the wheel with random topics of discussion: cool video games, DVD collections, wacked out and disturbing films, The Corporation, Twilight Zone, and riddles (which I end up deciphering all--Yaa, I rock.)

I had so much fun! We must do this again!

BTW, the next day, I was SORE like a mofo! I couldnt even breathe without feeling my hamstrings contract! WTF?

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Din with DaveL
Jul 7, 2004

Yaay! DaveL takes me out for a bday dinner in Saratoga to make up for not being able to make the June Bebies Bday Bash. I meet him at work and we carpool to a place called La Fondue! Theres a big pot in the middle of the table like Hot Pot City, and you choose the cheese you want for appetizers, the saute or grill style you want for dinner, then the type of chocolate you want to dip your dessert in (I highly recommend "The Deccadent One"). The food is fun, but youre definitely paying for the whole ambience of the place. Overall, unique and creative!

Conversation with DaveL was very stimulating as we chatted about almost everything in the book. Topics of discussion ranged from Fahrenheit 9/11 to linear algebra, job titles, the philosophical meaning of Pi, and public high schools failing my future. Hehehe, funny now that I think of it.

Anyway, here's some pix we took while in the restaurant. Our waitress didnt sing Happy Bday to me, but she busted out with candles lit up on the dessert and DaveL did an awesome job with his solo! Thanks DaveL, I had plenty fun!

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OAHU, Hawaii
Jun 27, 2004

YES, there are bikini shots to answer your question...

So I get invited to attend Lana & Viet's wedding in Hawaii this Sunday nite---just 2 days after Christy and Ben's wedding. Its been quite an eventful month, and I end the craze with a week's vacation in beautiful Oahu.

Sunday: Bobbz picks me up from the airport around noon, we kick it for a while, then head off to Lana and Viet's Wedding at Iolani's Chapel and Kahala Mandarin Oriental. Saw Sam H. there with his new fiance, who I haven't seen since grad school. Very elegant wedding. Bobbz and I had to cut out early cuz he had to work the next day.

Monday: Spend the day shopping at Ala Moana Mall by myself. Cool bus driver shows me around and lectures me about changing to a cheaper Verizon Wireless plan.

Tues: Bobbz and I pick up the girls from the airport (Liza and ErikaR.) and he drops us off at our hotel *Continental Surf* off Kuhio St. We shop, then swim in Waikiki where we are joined by a big honu (turtle). That nite, my budz Ja-Son, who I havent seen in years, meets up with us at Oceans Bar and Club, and brings his roommates: Tara, Mike, Graham. Elena from the bay area also meets up with us since this was her last nite in Oahu for a wedding. I catch up with Ja-Son, then get convinced into dancing up on the bartop with the girls. Tara was crazy and funny. She was doing headstands despite our efforts from keeping her skirt from rising up! She even managed to climb a pole upside down in the public garage! The nite ended with 6 drunkasfcuk ppl packed like sardines in a tiny jeep singing to Alicia Keys "..Cant have you.."

Wednesday: Pick up car rental. Met a fellow P.T. from Fresno who was also standing in line. I take the girls for a tour around the island from north to south shore. How random is this?: While we are at the Dole Plantation, this cute island girl yells out to me: "HEY..I think I know you! Are you from Alameda??" Blown away, I slowly pick up my jaw to articulate the words, "No but pretty near by it. I dont believe we've met." She goes on to tell me that she knows Tonester Bonester thru friendster and myspace and that she sees me in all his photo albums! They haven't even met in person! Wow, what a small world I tell you! 20 minutes later after we had left the joint, my sister leaves me a VM and says she just got finished chattin with Tonester online who states that he just got finished talking to Abby who revealed that she just met me! News totally travels fast even with a huge block of ocean between! That nite, Liza and I (while Erika ended up passing out in bed) wander the streets of Waikiki, and end up at Aloha Tower where we sipped lavas and watched a local band play songs like, "Lost in Emotion." Fun band. Bartender gave me an extra pineapple. ;)

Thursday: Snorkeling at Haanauma Bay. Erika doesnt know how to thread water, but she knows how to doggie paddle. Liza is convinced its safe enough for her to snorkel near the shore. So Liza leads us to shallow waters, followed by Erika, then myself. Erika does fine until she realizes that she is alot farther out than she expected, so she changes her position from horizontal to vertical to look up, BUT then suddenly panics and begins to flap her arms frantically. I swim to her and grab her, but every thing happened so fast. I was in front of her trying to save her azz, but she was soo panic'd she grabbed me and started pushing me down using me as a float! I almost knocked her out silly! I grabbed her anyway and choked in seawater as I yelled at her to swim forward with me. Luckily the distance we needed to finally swim to ground level was only 5 feet away, but I was hurting. After choking out all the seawater I swallowed up, I go rent a life jacket for the girl. That nite we head out to Sam Choy's cuz Liza is craving for seafood. Bobbz, Brayden, and Austin meet up. Soo good to hang with these guys! Didn't realize how much I missed em. Brayden mentions that I shoulda told him that we werent gonna dress up tonite so that he and Bobbz coulda done the same. I said, "What! You consider yourself dressed up?" They were wearing T-shirts, jeans, and slippers! hahah! Wearing jeans = Dress up in Hawaii. Bobbz and Brayden later entice us to Tiki's. Get our drink on for a bit, then pass out early.

Friday: SNUBA diving in Ko'Olina! Not misspelled. Snuba is different than scuba because you share an oxygen tank with 3 other ppl. The oxygen tank is on a floater, and there are four 20-30 ft hoses which you can breathe out of. So you could swim down to the ocean floor and check out sealife. We swam next to exotic fishes and saw a huge sea turtle! That nite, we met up with Bobz and Brayden at Mai-Tais! Liza did her thang with the bouncer and got us in without having to wait in line for too long. To get the guys in though, I had to buy the bouncer some popcorn shrimp and fries. It was worth it.
After many drinks and cheek kisses for photos, I haul my drunk ass to an L and L DriveInn Diner where we quench our munchies. Bobbz is passed out on the table. We offer to drive the guys home to ensure safety, but they reject our offer and I have my first bicker with Bobbz in years.

Saturday: Parasailing then Aloha Stadium for Flea Market buys. Parasailing offers nice views, but the boat ride actually makes me wanna throw up. Erika and I do a tandem ride, and after a couple minutes of being in the air, I kinda get bored cuz you dont do anything but hang. I bet hang gliding would actually be more fun since you get to initiate your own movement, rather than being tugged around. That nite we went to Feng Shui, an up-scale partay held at the Hyatt. Ja-Son and company were there too. Met two marines there looking to get laid. One dude was waaaay obnoxious. I had to get away, esp from them. So after the party around 2am, I went to Waikiki by myself and chilled on the beach. I think this is where my azz got bitten by a spider. Go figure. Why wasnt anyone here in Cali answering their phones at 5am??

Sunday: SURF at Waikiki, then say goodbye to the girls, and meet to have lunch with Ja-Son at Hard Rock. We get our chance to really catch up. He shows me his place, then I let him loose to hang with his family who's also visiting. Abby meets me at Ala Moana, and we shop for a bit while getting to know eachother. She's so cute. I advise her on Italy, as she will be going there this summer to meet up with her boytoy. Bobbz picks me up afterwards so we could get sushi, then check out fireworks. We end up being lazy and watching Hot Dog Eating Contests on ESPN! That asian chick by the name of Thomas soooo rocks!

I LOVE YOU HAWAII ! As Brayden put it: there's always a part of me that belongs to Hawaii.

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Christy & Ben's Rehearsal Dinner, then WEDDING
Jun 24, 2004

After 5 years of dating, they finally they get hitched!

Thursday rehearsal dinner at a cool place (I forget the name) set along the banks of the San Mateo waters. Awesome twilight view, and you could see some disciplined paddle teams canoeing on by practicing their strokes. Excited at this site, Ben ran across the room pointing at the window showing his family what he does every weekend.

Friday nite: The wedding was at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Quaint and hidden in the green hills of Bezerkeley, we rocked the nite away with open bar dancing, delicious grub, and yummy cake, fruit, and ice cream(-yes, they even had macapuno as one of the flavors!!).

Beautiful ppl, beautiful wedding. Have fun at the Caribbean islands guys!

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My Bday Dinner
Jun 22, 2004

Today is my real birthday (Everyone take note!). Its Tuesday. I am worn out.
With two weddings coming up, a Hawaii trip to plan for, and a just celebrated bday bash im recovering from last week, I didnt plan for anything special today. My close friends, of course, weren't gonna have any of that though. So a few of us got together last minute and met up at Blowfish. It was intimate and close, but I had a ton of fun. Actually it was exactly what I needed: being in the company of a few good friends, drinking and eating good sushi.

Had a sake bomb gone bad. It exploded in front of me before I was ready for it and I was forced to think fast and chug down the bubbles (what actually happened though was that Rich butterfingered the sake shot, making it fall into the glass of Asahi between the two toothpics before he even got a chance to completely let go of the glass).

Hmm what else happened that nite? We found out what Floyd's type was, and we discovered that Jay gets stressed out trying to figure out whether a girl he's interested in is married or not. How so? Usually when he meets girls at a bar while drinking, the little clockwork wheels in his head move a little slower than usual, and so it takes more work and time for him to figure out whether or not the ring on the girl's finger is on the left or the right hand! But what frustrates him the most is when her arms are crossed and folded in front. Is that the left hand or the right hand?

Hahahahha! Yaa, I had a lot of fun this Tuesday nite ;)

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Christy's Bachelorette @ AsiaSF
Jun 19, 2004

If youve never done a party at AsiaSF, youre missing out! This club/restaurant gets a two thumbs up for creative entertaining and delicious grub! DragQueen shows are superbly performed, and they pretty much do a good job in keeping your bachelorette occupied.

Christy started off the night with a nice and messy BJ (lucky bartender!), then the night became naughtier and naughtier..but hey! what happened in AsiaSF (and in your downstairs bathroom) stays in AsiaSF (and your downstairs bathroom). No worries Chris, I wont blow your cover! ;)

Christy and Ben are getting married next week. Chris was my roomate back in grad school, so I got back stage passes to the whole "Ben and Christy" hook up. It was quite the news back then, as everyone else wanted to hook up with them too! Yaa, thats right, theyre a hott couple duude.

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June Bebies (part II)
Jun 18, 2004

Its my 29th and Christina's 27th Barbie Birthday partay! Yaaay! We lite the place up, put out the darts and cards, lay out the jello shots, chill the liquor, and unfoil the grub...then you arrive!

Its been so long since the last time we've seen eachother, I didn't realize how much I missed you. Nearing the big "3-0" kinda brought the birthday blues, but when you showed up, I was so happy and I was reminded as to how lucky I am to have you as a friend. Thank you for coming out to support. I feel soo loved and blessed.

Special thanks to:

-Jay, Liza, Jen, & Rich for helping us set up and clean up! You made the place look awesome!

-DJs Dave & Jarret for providing the groovy sounds that everyone loved dancing to.

-Vickster for getting the 50 something pounds of ice we needed to keep the drinks chilled.

-Bailey & Dave for getting us TWO very yummy birthday cakes!!

-Curtis, my "proxy bf", for helping me kick out the thugs and the underaged.

-Everyone who brought drinks to keep the bar from going dry!

-Everyone who did the long drive down from San Francisco and up from San Jose!

And I received awesome gifts from:
-James who gave me 2 very kewel tank tops.
-Sylvia who gave me a napa valley soap bar.
-Jon who gave me a gift certificate to Best Buy.
-Jon & Linh who got me VS body care and candles.
-Bugaboo who sent me tulips at work and got me "Along Came Polly" DVD.
-Joycee who got me a Swarovski bracelet and the "How to meet cute boys" novel.
-Liza who got me a very cute top from Bebe.
-Hamster who gave me a
Geosphere poster.
-Christy & Ben who got me 2 cute Gap tops.
-Melanie who lei'd me with flowers.
-Mom & Family who got me a cookbook, notebook, business card holder and concealer.
-Vicky, Jay, Liza, Joey, Rich, Christina, Dave, Jen, Brian, Ann, Curtis, Charity, Jermaine, Floyd, Ida, Kristin, Alisa, Eric, and Anton for getting me a brand new queen pillowtop matress!!!!!!!!!! I will finally get a good nite's sleep! Thank you especially to Vickster for organizing my matress fund!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the birthday calls and wishes you sent me and thank you thank you thank you everyone for making this birthday a memorable one!!! xoxo

Pictures came from camaras belonging to Liza, Christina, JoeyM, and yours truly.

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Jun 1, 2004

In a nutshell:

-VENICE 1 nite:
Beads,jewelery,masks,glass; Vaparetto nite ride to St. Marks square while Stina sleeps in hotel; Several orchestras playing, couples picnicing, gelato; I cry; Next day go back to St. Marks for a quickie; Feed pigeons;
Almost late for train, take
water taxi back to hotel.

Met Guiliano Brasso who likes
nice ppl; Built his rooms with "heart"; Wrote me a note: "you avery nice" and gave me a rose from his
garden; Invited me to stay for free next year; 7 mile hike on cliffs minus one town; Layed out on a rock on beach then swam in cold water; Met up with Aussie couple; Ron & Sera for Chris' bday @ Monterroso; Drunk; Bar, wine, many dudes, sat next to one from Sicily; Met more dudes in train, one
who drunkenly tells me he loves me; Ditched em; Went to bar and met handsome bartender Tazz who models;
Pee'd in a hole on the floor.

-FLORENCE 2 nites:
Rain and sunshine; Uffizi Gallery; Lost Chris; Market, scarves, art aprons; Science Museum: Galileo's finger; Duomo Gothic Cathedral;
Climbed 463 steps @ Duomo's

-ROME 4 nites:
Mass and confession @ St.Peter's Basilica & Michaelangelo's Pieta; Climbed 300 steps up Dome; Shopping @ Piazza del Popolo;
Colosseum; Roman Forum & Temple of Vesta; Pantheon;
Spanish Steps; Chris gets a note from a dude sitting across from us; Vatican Museum; Sistine Chapel; Campo De Fiore; Trevi Fountain; Beautiful skies; Met Jean Pierre who takes us out to pub with real Italian chef; Spaghetti with olive oil and garlic.

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May 24, 2004

-ATHENS 2 nites:
Acropolis, Ancient Agora,

MYKONOS 1 nite:
Ferry trip to island; Met Dimitris; True mediterranean blue; Wind; Blew chance to experience "gay" nite life cuz bottle of local red wine got devoured during dinner;
Drunk and lost finding hotel, but bumped into a stork (1 of 3 on island)!

SANTORINI 2 nites:
Volcanic rock with white
washed buildings perched up on cliffs; Goin down cobblestone staircases made me feel like i was walking down the cliff; Surreal and spiritual; Stayed north island at Oia; Topless on balcony; Dinner with Pierre from France; Hung out in bar with waiter Marcos afterwards;
Next day met Canadians Dion
at internet station, and
friend Steve at castle;
Wrapped Sean's ankle at internet station; Met Stina at castle for sunset; Had dinner at Marcos's restaurant;
Turns out he knows Sean, who
decided to meet up with us
to club in Fira.Small world; Crazy taxi drivers made me we wanna throw up.

ATHENS 1 nite:
Catch up on a couple hours
sleep on plane back to athens; Flea market; Goodys for sandwiches; Suppose to be comparable to McDonnalds, but waay better atmosphere: they play clubbing music and use ceramic plates.

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Vegas Baby
Apr 15, 2004

see "Journals" for the details of this event....

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Joey's Bday @ Skates
Mar 18, 2004

I helped organize J$$'s bday dinner at Skates in bezerkely...see journal for more details...

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Curtis' Bday @ Gingerbread House
Mar 12, 2004

Yaay! Its C-moneyz bday! Ppl at work get together in Oaktown to help celebrate.

Gingerbread House is a Louisiana time warp. We laughed at the decor when someone pointed out that one of the asian figures on the wall looked like Vickster. But Vickster didnt laugh, so I stopped. It was funny though.

The hostess was even more trippy. The heavy Louisiana accent and southern-belle outfit were very cute, but it was her seductive flirtation toward C-moneyz that really added the final touch to the whole ambience.

Other than that, the food was aigght. Actually, I wasnt impressed. But at least we all had fun and laughed the whole time there.

Happy Bday C-moneyz. You know you sooo rock me and "my friend's" world ;)

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His Lordships Brunch
Mar 7, 2004

Whoops! Almost forgot about this one! Erika calls me to ask what time i'll be in bezerkeley for the brunch reservations my dad had made a week ago. Ive been so busy lately, I completely forgot. Better late than never anyway. This brunch thingy was some kind of awards ceremony for my dad's work, so between all the boring speeches we had to endure, Gabriel made us laugh, and the food kept us satisfied.

Becuz of this brunch, I had to cancel my breakfast plans with Irma and Jthom. Met up with them later though at Chrissy Field Park. It was a beautiful day. I drooled over the houses around that area. Old and classy, facing a small beach, what more could you ask for? I hate wishing for things I can't have.

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Mar 3, 2004

pictures for flyer...hopefully at least one of em works:) xoxox

i am a professional florist.

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Liza's Bday Din
Mar 2, 2004

Its Liza's bday tonite, so a bunch of us get together to treat Liza out to a nice dinner in the city. Liza is very happy to see a lot of ppl she cares about under one roof.

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Sugar Bowl
Feb 23, 2004

Onset of Laryngitis...

Despite having only one hour of sleep from the nite before (thanks Tan & co.!), I keep my word and drive up to Tahoe to board with both Joeys, Tony, and Joycee. After tutoring Joycee thru the basics (who did very well and stuck with it like a champ), we go up high and get slammed with blizzard-like weather. By the end of the morning, JoeyB and I grow the ballz to try the half pipe. Gettin better, but still suck.

After lunch, I feel like crap and end up napping on a bench for the rest of the afternoon. I feel a sore throat coming on so I drink hot water to soothe it.

The next day, I go to work with no voice...

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Feb 20, 2004

Bailey calls me to hang out tonite. Im so tired, but i miss hanging out with her, so i head over to SJ to meet up with she and Vane. Forum had good music that nite, but I was defnly too old for that crowd. Alot of bitchy attitude. The only time I laughed was when some dude yelled out, "Pochantes!" as I walked by him with my furry brown boots. Funny at the time i guess.

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Jay & Rich's Bday Din @ Dave&Busters
Feb 11, 2004

Liza once again organized a cozy intimate dinner for Rich and Jay to celebrate their bdays. I brought Jthom as my date and he showed me how to play this horse game which apparently Wingman is hooked on.

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Alpine Meadows
Feb 4, 2004

Kevin, Jarrick, Christophe, and myself head out to Alpine Meadows to use up free lift tickets courtesy of tonester bonester. we convinced christophe into letting us use his rentacaddy for the drive, and with jarrick making us homemade sandwiches for lunch, this was a nice trip that didnt burn a hole in our wallets for once! yaaay! life is good.

topics of discussion during drive: fcuked up engagement break-ups, making out at clubs, and closet'd lesbians.

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Vicky's 27th bday
Jan 16, 2004

i love vickster. she is my coworker, gym buddy, dinner date, business partner, and confidante. life would not be the same without her, and so her bday was something that for sure needed to be celebrated!

a group of us got together and planned a dinner at Blowfish in santana row. that place is the shizznit, EXCEPT for that nite. our waiter musta been new, cuz she did a horrible job in keeping our orders straight. the nice thing, tho, was when Hoy hooked us up with desert. thanks hoy! :)

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Liza & Jay's White Elephant
Dec 13, 2003

Food. Pictionary. Gifts. Snack Pack.

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Lani's 23rd B-day
Dec 7, 2003

lots and LOTS of pix of gabe. i am a professional photographer.

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Jonathan's Dance Gig
Dec 7, 2003

Jonathan invites a bunch of us from our dept to see him perform in san jose. I go with the crew and invite vanessa and joycee to be my dates. Kewel, different, and entertaining hang out. Jonathan is quite the impressive dancer.

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Joey & Noel's Alumni B-ball Game
Nov 29, 2003

Couldn't miss this one. Joey and Noel had a basketball alumni game back at American High. Their names are still up on the hall of fame, no one's touched their record sets. The gym looks so much smaller than how i remembered it. Really all brought me back to my high school years. Adam was there too. I guess he's coaching now. Interesting to see some familiar faces.

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Thanksgiving @ G-ma's
Nov 27, 2003


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Nov 15, 2003

So much for a nite saved for dvd watching. Joycee invites me out to Butterfly, so after a wonderful dinner date with Linda, i bring Vanessa and others to this new venue I've never been to before.

The nite tuned out to be super fun. We all hung out and danced with Peter and his girl, Wendy, who the girls and I pretty much adopted after a minute of meeting her.

In the midst of gettn my groove on, I get a tap on my shoulder. I look behind and see someone who I knew from elementary school: CynthiaF. Blast from the past. We caught up a bit and updated eachother with our lives. I find it funny that lately I've been bumping into so many ppl who I went to high school or jr high with. Prolly cuz I avoided going to my reunion this year, and so since I didn't go to them, they're coming to me.

Met Tommy and Raf tonite too. They have an interesting way of dealing with strangers asking for money.

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Cirque Du Soleil's Alegria
Nov 14, 2003

Yaay! I got to see Allegria this year thanks to Stina who bought me a ticket back in june as a bday gift (btw everyone, my bday is JUNE 22 so mark your calandars ;)!

Jimbolaya was nice enough to meet up with me to carpool to the city. On our way there, we had a long discussion on elves. Santa's elves, Keebler elves, and Snapp, Crackle & Pop elves. What we basically agreed on was that elves are short, happy, helpful creatures with pointy ears. And they could do magic too. But my question is, what are hobbits then?

We also talked about clowns. Im not quite sure what a clown is and the purpose it serves. Elves are happy helpers and I assume they are just born the way they are. But clowns? To me, they're just drag queens gone bad. Jimbolaya says that they are actually ppl dressed up to look goofy and to try and make you laugh. But what about the old clowns and the depressing looking ones with frowns? They're not jumpin up and down tryin to make kids laugh. In fact, clowns are kinda scary lookin if you ask me.

And then of course we talked about mimes, which later leads to a discussion of wierd bugs who burrow into the skins of humans. But I'll have to write about that another time..

So anyway, we finally get to dinner and meet up with Stina, Dave, Jen, and Alician. At the show, Stina buys clown noses for everyone. We put em on during the show and i soon overcome my fear of clowns ("Coulrophobia" for all you terminology freaks).

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Vanessa's Color Invasion Art Show
Nov 8, 2003

Lovely Vane shows off her awesome artwork tonite at Red Eye Lounge in the city. Alot of Vane's admirers come out to support her, and I being one of them, was not gonna miss this.

After a couple drinks, some of us get hungry and decide to eat at a local diner for a bit. I follow Jthom, Dave, Erica, Josh, and Teresa..and we munch on cheeseburgers and fries. yum.

We head back to the bar to dance the nite away and jthom has a good time being the roast beef of our sandwich!

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Ben's Bday Dinner
Nov 7, 2003

Its Bennyboy's Bday and Christy plans a suprise dinner for him in the city. Fam and friends come out, including Dave-o and his new flame, Julie. I didnt realize how much i missed everyone until i saw them again. Tho we don't hang out as much as we'd all like to, when we actually do, its as if time had not lapsed. Grad school would not have been the same without em.

Christy's bday was in October, so i bring her a gift as well. She loves beenies like me, so i hook her up with a roxy beenie/scarf duo. For Ben, I surprise him with this year's newest edition of guiness book of records as well as the Almanac of 2004! ooooh yes, i can guarantee he was salivating with these ones!;)

Lemme take a moment now to tell you about BigBen. If you've ever talked to this guy, you'd know he's a walking encyclopedia ready to share the most random-est knowledge in the most random-est times. And sorry Ben, but im gonna have to out you on this one: He knows what he knows cuz he likes to study these books while sittn on the crapper! Yaa Baby!

luv luv xoxo

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Jason vs. Freddy @ Bezerkeley
Nov 1, 2003

After getting greeted by Phantom of the Opera, I walk in through the door, turn the corner, then suddenly lose my bottom jaw to the floor. I see all three parties under one roof: Mardi gras, Girls gone wild, and Blade's pre-feeding club fest.

Ok, ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit, but the partay was off the hook, a BIG turnout with decked out costumes, and awesome music provided by DJ Dave-o. And you know its awesome music when you see ppl dancing on tabletops and furniture (or mebe it was just all the alcohol)! I think my biggest turn-on was knowing that this happenin partay wasn't happenin at MY house, cuz clean-up wouldve been one hellish motha fooka!

Suppose to be with all the girls tonite, but Vanessa and Erika were still recovering from my partay last nite, and Liza and Joyce had other obligations. No matter, I find my lady Stina who was Blue-Haired Space Girl and get introduced to a bunch of her Bezerkely friends. Tonester and crew were there, Christophe came out later, Kerny made an appearance, and Jare said hello late in the evening.

Towards the middle of the nite, I find the perfect corner to get my groove on and clear an end table to stand up on it. Perrrrrrrfect. I mean I was feeling bad hittin ppl in their faces and all with my wings, but now I had a place all to myself...(hehehe-- jus like ole times in the cages at the clubs!) Actually Tonester joins me a bit, but leaves me alone after an hour (mebe he just got fed up of the wings all up on HIS face!)

Towards the end of the nite, Christina and I hide out in her room. She changes into comfy clothes, and I finish half of her candy apple. We catch up then head back down by 230.

I was pooped. All day I cleaned up our house from our own Halloween Bash, lacked sleep from the nite before, and just got finished dancing the nite away for 2 hours in my lil corner I created. Good fun though. Good job guys!

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Good vs. Evil Costume Partay @ FREAKMONT
Oct 31, 2003

Hosted by Mysterious Zorro, Pink Fur Femmbot, and Lovey-Dovey Cupid, this Anti-Castro Halloween Partay @ Freakmont featured:
-3 Fully decked out festive rooms: Pumpkin Patch, Haunted House, and Jambalaya Room.
-Colorful tasty Jelloshots presented in tall Winnie the Pooh dixie cups.
-Foosball and Funky Jive Jams courtesy of DJ Winamp.
-Delicious grub for all, including eggrolls, noodles, cake, cookies, and lotsa CANDY.
-Full bar with all the beer and liquor alcoholics annoynomous desire.
-Candlelit outdoors that set the mood for drunken romance.
-HALF NEKED GIRLS GALORE (hands down to playboy bunny Joycee for showing off the most skin!)

Nice turnout than expected..not too crazy like our last one and yet just enough to fill the rooms despite all the competition we had with other parties. No fights, no police, no throw up, just good fun, kewel ppl, happy drunks and creative costumes.

Props to some celebrity appearances well pulled off: Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, Kobe Bryant, Wonderwoman, Sponge Bob, O-B-1 Kanoby, Storm, and Wolverine. I was stressed out, didn't drink much, but overall I was happy to see everyone.

I was Cupid this Halloween and got a chance to hold a bow and shoot arrows at ppl. AAANND I handed out flowers to boys to give to girls. My good deed for the year! Yaaay!

Much love and thanks to those who came out to celebrate with us and special love to Vicky-o, Hook, and Erika, for helping prep for the partay!

And one more more silly string at our parties...that means you lil miss naughty Sepi!


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Alfonso Luau
Oct 18, 2003

Ray, JaSon, Liz, and Lori are soo good.... they throw their mom a Luau to celebrate her birthday! Lotsa good food, kids running around everywhere with Jay chasing after em, Lori handing out margaritas, and Auntie showing signs of drunkeness after her first drink :) Yup good party.

Lani never fails to pull off an awesome hula performance. My sister rocks! Everytime I see her perform, I become emotional and cry. I dont even understand the words to the songs she dances to, but man, when I see her dance, I become so connected and moved. And its kinda kewel also to see Gabriel watch his mommy dance too. The lil munchkin looks so proud and behaves just to watch! Very cute.

Oh and one more thing, this nite I discover that Gabe's new interest is F.I.R.E. (on the torches). The WHOLE time this kid was drawn to the light the way mosquitos get hyptnotized! Sheeez, talk about overloading my stress capacity! Just gimme a heart attack for the nite and get it over with, ya know!


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TopHat Formal
Oct 4, 2003

So my boss comes up to me and asks if I have anything to do on a Saturday nite. hahhah.

She and her hubbie can't go to this very expensive charitable event for work ($120/ticket) and asks if I want her tickets for free. Im really not into boring formals like this and I really don't know any of the important ppl goin there anyway, so I kinda turned her down. But then she said the magic words: FREE FOOD !!! Oh boy how could anyone resist!

So I invite the best date ever: miss VickyFengster. I figure she and I could have fun talkn smak in the corner while we watch all the big hoo-haas strut their stuff.

Ok so it was boring as imagined, lots of acknowledgement speeches goin on before the food arrived AND I am sooo starvin like marvin! Luckily, Vickster and I end up gettin seated next to this one really kewel dude who knew a ton of shiet about surfing. He was a veteran, but he hadn't done it for years since he got married with kids. I expressed my frustration with the sport and the difficulties I have with my 7'4. He gave a good pep talk with lots and lots of important hints when taking a wave. I think I hear the water callin....

Before we cut out, Vicky and I rush into the casino area and do some quick gambling with our free chips. I lost when I bet it all on Black10 in roulette, and Vickster lost after 2-3 hands in BlackJack. Ehhh, who cares?. Its always fun to gamble on chingching thats not yours anyway.

Fun off to Stef's Sports Bar....


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Tonester and James' Bday @ Stef's Sportbar
Oct 4, 2003

Its Tonester Bonester and DJ James $$ 's bday partay tonite! They send out the evite like 3 months in advance, so you know you can't have excuses to not go. Vanessa and I get there first, and we get treated like rockstars, gettin introduced and reunited with everyone there.

The rest of the crew slowly trickles in. ChrisTag shocks us all with a picture he brought of me from waaaaay back back in freshman year high school. That was scary. HairBear I was, AquaNet I used. Denz ends up accidentally droppin the timeless valuable and everyone frantically looks for it on the ground. That was funny...I was at a distance, but I realized what had happened when I saw everyone's heads lookin down on the floor. Hahahah!

Time to go, I say my goodbyes, but James was soo drunk off his azz he began telling everyone that I was the one driving him home! I look for Tonester to make sure someone is takin care of both of em, but it was a lost cause cuz all he kept sayin was, "I put the deposit down" or "Fuck Kristine!" (poor Tonester was havin chick probs). Luckily I find James' sister, and she assures me she'll be takin care of em.

Half way walkin back to my car with the crew, I look behind us and discover James had been followin us still. I drag his drunkazz back to the bar and order him to " good!" Dave finally sees me in distress and helps me tame James. Ok, someone owes me a dinner now... ;)

Kewel partay. It was funny cuz Jare's friend Barbara said that everyone in the bar looked like they from San Jose. She was mostly right. It was definitely neat to see so many East Bayers out.

Happy birthday rockstars! May you wake up without hangovers tomorrow!


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Skylark with Liza
Oct 3, 2003

Liza and I head out to Lily's Bday partay at The Public. We ended up cuttin out early tho...actually we didnt even make it inside, and I'll tell you why. It was annoying waiting outside to be let in only as ppl came out. Its Friday, we're tired, cold, and impatient. The bar had enough room to let all the ppl in, but they weren't ready to open one part of it for whatever reason. Its like 11:45 already!!! Poorly organized and a MAJOR turnoff.

Liza and I take a cab back to my truck then head out to Skylark. I love Skylark. Its just mellow, different types of ppl come out, AND you dont have to freeze your azz off waiting to be let in. We bump into KevoTivo and I give him shiet for breaking our dinner plans last week. All good tho, no grudge, this is forgivable cuz I KNOW his rich bling-bling azz gonna be payin for my dinner next time!


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Joycee's Nite!
Oct 2, 2003

Its Joycee's Bday tomorrow, but I take my girl out tonite on a date since I can't afford vegas this weekend with her. We have reservations at Blowfish in the city and it is yum! We order a ton of food, despite the fact we had just devoured half a jar of japanese candy left on the hostess table while waiting to get seated. I think the Blowfish in Santana Row is better though cuz its bigger and just waay more happenin. But then again, it's newer, so I guess it aint fair to compare.

Joycee ordered some exotic raw sushi, but I just couldn't hang. I really don't like the squishy raw texture in my mouth. EXCEPT spicy tuna. I can't say "no" to that one. Mebe its the spice that overrides the squishyness. I also love wasabi and pickled ginger...which is prolly why I like some sushi to begin with (ie: california roll & spicy tuna).

So afterwards, Joycee and I decide to top our girly nite with "Under the Tuscan Sun". Man, you can't get any more chick-flicky than that!

Much love to my girl Joycee. Its her bday month, may all her wishes come true! xoxo

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Ed's Bday
Sep 27, 2003

Roomies Liza and Jay throw Ed a surprise bday partay tonite at our place. Good mellow turn-out...we ate and ate and had delicious ice cream cake (hey imma poet and didnt even know it!). I was responsible for makin sure all the drinks I mixed for Ed were strong while Liza became watergirl and kept him hydrated. With all the drinking and shots going on, by the end of the nite I think I became psychologist to 3 depressed ppl (alcohol-induced of course!). I knew there was a purpose for me...but I think I began to have the blues too... until....

A bunch of us played Boggle. Have you ever played? It involves listing as much words you could develop within a given amount of time from a bunch of letters which were scrambled. Points are given depending on the number of words you create AND the length of the word. I kick ass when I bust out with the word, "BECAUSE". !!!!!! Dammit, someone sign me up for Wheel Of Fortune already!

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Sep 26, 2003

First time here.

The party was ehh. Yuppy. I think the best part of my nite was running into RedRocker Rich and ChrisTag. Always good to catch up with friends. Rose and Jeanette finally come in, and we get introduced to a whole group of their friends.

After gawking the whole nite over this one dude across the bar, Vane finally decides she has the liquid courage to "randomly" bump into him and introduce herself. So I as her wingman lead her to this guy's group and as she passes him, she grabs eye contact and flutters lashes to say, "hello!" And of course, mission accomplished, he bites the bait! Once they looked engaged in good convo, I give her alone time and decide to walk around. When I come back, I have the pleasure of meeting his obnoxious friend who tries to relate to me by describing his past 2-year relationship with a filipino girl....that be of course when he wasn't goin off about how wonderful he was and explaining why he thought he was such a good catch. Oh and I was even more turned on when I realized he was only pretending to hear what I was saying back to him. Soo yaaa, it was time to go.

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Shanghai & Cloud9 in my SKORTS (despite Jthomz hatred for em)
Sep 21, 2003

Liza and I head out to Shanghai, where Wen and Kelvin celebrate their birthdays. Sometime in the middle of the nite, I try to convince Kelvin that smoking causes the lung to collapse, even though ten minutes ago I had just given Wen a cigar from Hawaii as a bday present. It was a special cigar tho.. its suppose to taste like coconut, but I ended up hearing otherwise later that nite when Wen drunkingly reported it to be more nauseating than anything. Ehh, what do I know?...I guess shoulda just bought him a drink.

We kicked it with Denz, Jthom, Christophe, and Winamp crew for a bit. I learned that when we girls (+Christophe) left for Skylark in the middle of Kenny's partay yesterday, we almost got ran over while running across the street by Christophe's friends. They described the scene as 4 careless, random girls running wild across the street with one frenchie stopping traffic as the girls cross. I laugh, cuz I swear I don't remember that, but then again, I'z lit up. Anyway, good to know Christophe was takin care of biznezz.

So Denz, Christophe, Liza, and I cut out early to head over to Cloud9 and meet up with Rose. Clint was tending, and once again he was sweet enough to hook us up with drinks. Thanks Clint :) *tent*

The club was busier than the last time we went, but I managed to take pix of DJ Daymitreeus since he gave me shiet for failing to take pictures of him last time. Got him now...yaaay!

While hangin out upstairs, Denz and I get into a heated debate about a chick who asked me to dance with her up on top of the bar. Of course he assumes that she was hitting on me, but I correct him and tell him she's paid to ask girls to dance on the bar. Afterall, thats what helps keep the horny foolioz comin to the bar with leaking wallets, right?! Anyway, I wasn't in the mood for randoms lookn up my skorts, so I declined the offer. (yaa, I prefer ppl who I know instead :P)


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