Good vs. Evil Costume Partay @ FREAKMONT

Hosted by Mysterious Zorro, Pink Fur Femmbot, and Lovey-Dovey Cupid, this Anti-Castro Halloween Partay @ Freakmont featured:
-3 Fully decked out festive rooms: Pumpkin Patch, Haunted House, and Jambalaya Room.
-Colorful tasty Jelloshots presented in tall Winnie the Pooh dixie cups.
-Foosball and Funky Jive Jams courtesy of DJ Winamp.
-Delicious grub for all, including eggrolls, noodles, cake, cookies, and lotsa CANDY.
-Full bar with all the beer and liquor alcoholics annoynomous desire.
-Candlelit outdoors that set the mood for drunken romance.
-HALF NEKED GIRLS GALORE (hands down to playboy bunny Joycee for showing off the most skin!)

Nice turnout than expected..not too crazy like our last one and yet just enough to fill the rooms despite all the competition we had with other parties. No fights, no police, no throw up, just good fun, kewel ppl, happy drunks and creative costumes.

Props to some celebrity appearances well pulled off: Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, Kobe Bryant, Wonderwoman, Sponge Bob, O-B-1 Kanoby, Storm, and Wolverine. I was stressed out, didn't drink much, but overall I was happy to see everyone.

I was Cupid this Halloween and got a chance to hold a bow and shoot arrows at ppl. AAANND I handed out flowers to boys to give to girls. My good deed for the year! Yaaay!

Much love and thanks to those who came out to celebrate with us and special love to Vicky-o, Hook, and Erika, for helping prep for the partay!

And one more more silly string at our parties...that means you lil miss naughty Sepi!


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