Year Four (Nov. 2010-2011
So year three was a bust. But I did learn something very important. . . my hair hates heat!! If I want to get past this damn BSB length, I need to avoid all forms of heat (blowdryer, flat iron, hooded dryer) at all costs lol. Once I reach HL, or maybe even full WL, I may consider putting heat back in but very infrequently. This year I want to get to full MBL/ skimming WL. I also want to find the perfect routine for my longer hair that includes: 1. hair staying moisturized for at least 2 days at a time 2. requiring me to do my hair no more than twice (three times at most) a week 3. allowing me to wear my hair out/down 4. stretching the time I can go between detangling Wish me luck and happy hair growing :D
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Third Year (Nov. 2009-2010)
Yay to two years of being natural!!!! :D So year two was not as fantastic as my first year with hair health and growth. A few mistakes were made: I changed up my routine again and again and again; detangling (half-assed detangling at that) once a week allowed matting and knots to go unchecked; straightening my hair. . . twice; wearing protective style a week or more at a time; cutting back on my cowashing. Xena did not have a good year at all. I still got growth, but not what I got during my first year. Right now my hair is from 10-12 inches long. Not bad, but all the breakage I experienced means that I could have had even more hair! Now I know better. I'm done experimenting (serious experimenting, that is), and am ready to see a shoulder length braid/twistout by next year. I'm guessing I'll need to reach MBL at least to see that happen. Currently, Xena's still hovering 2 in. or so above BSL. I'm soooo close. lol. To keep my sanity, I will be doing one length check in May and one on my third nappiversary. All this pulling and tugging to see how long Xena's gotten since last week isn't doing either of us any good. Along with changes in the health department, I'm predicting that this will be a good year :) . NP Hair Challenges for 2010: Hair Album/ Journal Stick to Your Regimen Waist length Happy hair growing everyone ;D
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Second Year (Nov. 2008-Nov. 2009)
This is the year of protective styles (ie. twists, braids, and buns). I want to hit full APL (armpit length) by May. I'm hoping to be near BSL by my second nappiversary. Wish me happy hair growing in the '09!! March 24: After looking at the albums of ladies that have been in the natural hair game (lol) for 3, 4, 5 years and beyond, I'm really considering changing how I view my hair's length. My hair's stretched length doesn't really count for much unless I was wearing my napps straight frequently. I won't be straightening until my third nappiversary, and even afterwards I predict straightening once every few years. What I really, truly want is unstretched APL napps. So shouldn't I be chasing that goal instead of counting stretched milestones? Will it take longer to get to? Yep. Shrinkage is no joke!! I'll still acknowledge both lengths, but I'm shifting the importance. Somehow I feel like there isn't so much pressure anymore (mind you, I was putting the pressure on myself). I won't meet my goal of APL this year or the next, and that's okay. I'm going to focus on keeping my hair in tip-to shape and letting it grow, grow, and grow some more. Happy Hair Growing Everybody :D
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Products and Regimens
I was a product junkie my first year, so I've tried all sorts of conditioners, styling products, and moisturizers. I've found my staples, but I'm still into trying something new. My regimes are very simple. I go back and forth between out styles and protective styles during the winter since the weather can go from freezing to spring in a heartbeat. After my first summer, I learned that I have to stick with protective styles from June to August. It's so hot and dry here that my hair can get sun damaged. No good.
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First Year (Nov. 2007-Nov. 2008)

Pics of after my BC to my first nappiversary. I reached a lot of milestones during this year. From becoming 100% napptural to dying my new napps for the first and last time to my first set of twists to my first puff.

I was a hardcore pj, so it didn't take long for me to find out what products my hair loved and what it hated (found out that my scalp is allergic to soy bean oil. not fun.). I did a couple of twists, braids, twistouts, and braidouts, but the style I was in 85% of the time was the wash n'go. My hair thrives on being cowashed on a regular basis.

I can honestly say that my first year was a breeze. I found my holy grails, and I really didn't suffer from any major setbacks.

Fingers crossed that year 2 goes just as smooth ;D

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