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  • Carolynd411 Canada (Private)
    4 years 7 months ago
    Wow! This was made especially for me! I've always loved and worn large, brimmed hats. They are so elegant; and give the finishing touch to any outfit. Little-by-little, ladies are beginning to wear hats more frequently. I think the beautiful Kate Middleton may have helped to start the trend here in North America once again. I surely hope so. My late husband and I visited London, England every Christmas for about six weeks. He has a brother who lives in Belsize Park where we would spend the Christmas and New Year's Holiday season. I always enjoyed visiting there for I could wear my pretty hats, as well as purchase more for the upcoming seasons. I must admit, however, since London is windy and rainy during December and January, I had to chase my hats more than once as we strolled down the street, or were waiting to catch a bus. On one occasion, however, a bus got to my hat before I did; and all I could do was watch it be run over. After a short break in traffic, I rescued the flattened hat; and I knew I was going to have to pitch it in the waste basket. Much to my surprise, however, a few gentle shakes of the hat, and it was as good as new. It took just a few minutes to get the dirt/mud off the hat; and you couldn't tell it had been through such a catastrophic ordeal. I'm definitely going to enjoy wearing this lovely siggie. Thank you so much, my dearest Christia.
    Luv ya bunches!
    Sweet Caroline
    P.S. I also belonged to The Ladies' Red Hat Society for a few years; and what a fun group that was. Whenever and wherever we had conventions, we definitely stopped traffic. With all of us dressed in red and/or purple dresses and our fancy red hats, it was quite a sight to behold with several thousand of us strolling down the streets to restaurants, shopping malls, etc. At least we were able to get people to forget about their troubles and woes for a few precious minutes. LOL!
  • Storm6 United States (Private)
    5 years ago
    Wk fantastc-rbow
    that is so pretty
  • Storm6 United States (Private)
    5 years ago
    wow that is beautiful wow