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Alex Ginzburg

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CA - California Highway Patrol

Uploaded: May 07, 2003
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  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    12 years ago
    As everyone knows, Camaro was killed in 2002. How long will the CHP use Camaro? Why doesn't the CHP drive the Potiac GTO? Indeed, the Pontiac GTO is as fast as the Camaro. After Camaro is retired, will the CHP use the Ford Mustang? In the past, the CHP had driven Ford Mustang, and many officers had been satisfied with using it. (I heard that the CHP may start to use the Ford Mustang in near future.) If the CHP does not buy the Ford Mustang, what will the CHP purchase? I speculate that the Dodge Charger will be purchased. In fact, some states had already started to use the Dodge Chargers. Most people know that the Charger is as fast as now-discountiuned Camaro. Further, it is as fast as Mustang. Several states say that Ford Mustangs are not needed because the Charger is avaiable to police, and it is a reasonably comfortable police car.