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IL- Chicago FD tower ladder

Greg Reynolds

Taken: June 14, 2003
Uploaded: June 15, 2003
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Captured with:
Sony CD Mavica


  • Len O'Conner (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
    The steering wheels were on the right side of the trucks until they were changed by Mayor Big Bill Thompson.

    In 1927, Al Capone's support allowed Thompson to return to the mayor's office. Pledging to clean up Chicago and remove the crooks, Thompson instead turned his attention to the reformers, who he considered as the real criminals. According to Thompson, at this time the biggest enemy of the United States was King George V of England. Thompson promised his supporters to change the driving wheel from the right side to the left if he was re-elected. He was also responsible for changing the flow of the Chgo river.

    And I---am Len O'Connor
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
    Well, I mean other than the red and green lights.
  • Joe A (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
    On my monitor the head lights are green on the left and red on the right.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
    Two questions, why is the steering wheel on the right and why are there no headlights