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IL- Chicago FD 1970 Pontiac ambulance

Vintage photo, not a restoration
Greg Reynolds

Uploaded: December 01, 2002
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  • al sowa (Private)
    11 years 8 months ago
    this is a picture of an ambulance that was in a
    a program called "the model citys program". I applied for this job,first they turned me down saying I didnt live in the area,then when no one
    applied to get shot at in the ghetto they interviewed me at room 105.when I asked if this would lead to a fire dept job mr. mcarthy said no
    I said thanks but it wont lead to a good job and it
    isnt worth the risk.
  • Steve Loftin (Private)
    14 years 6 months ago
    This is a 1970 model, not a 1968. You're welcome to advertise for the parts you need on the Professional Car Society website.. Look under the Membership resources section.

    Good luck!
    Thanks for correcting us on the year, but this car is NOT a restoration. It's a 30+ year old photo of an old CFD ambulance.

    copcar dot com
  • Bob Madden (Private)
    14 years 6 months ago
    I own a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance that was outfitted by Superior Coach (out of Chicago area I believe).
    I started restoring the vehicle engine and drive train several years ago. The body and interior still need work.
    I also need some of the trim details such as the large red bullet shaped lenses overhead exterior (I have 7 of the 8) and need the front sign that says ambulance as well as the original siren that appears to have mounted on the roof exterior between the driver and passenger seats.
    Any idea where these three items would best be located?
    Who restored the vehicle pictured above (for the Chicago FD)??? What have you used it for after restoration?
    Bob 206-264-5556

    Sorry to shatter your hopes and dreams Bob. This is not a restoration. It's a photo that was taken when it was new and in service with the Chicago Fire Department.