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LA - Louisiana State Police

Restored by Dwayne Larrievere

Uploaded: June 13, 2003
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  • Dwayne (Private)
    12 years 8 months ago
    I am the owner of the above vehicle. Movies allmost never influence the color scheme of standing dept's vehicles. At the time of 'live and let die' LSP's paint scheme WAS red & white, with red lights. It had been so since about 1964, and continued to about 1973. In 1974 they deleted the red hood & trunk and went to all white up until 1988, as greg said, then blue w/gold markings and a changeover to blue lights until 1991, 4 yrs. Then the former governor was voted in again and they brought back the white cars with red lettering, but keeping the blue overheads, deleting the red lightbars that had been their staple light color from 1988 back.

    I am not aware of LSP being represented in 'Smokey & the Bandit" at all.
  • Non Guest (Private)
    13 years ago
    Very keen observation. Yes, the movie came out and, as with all police depts., they change the car colors to match the movies. As I understand it, once James Bond movie came out, LSP was furious that they had to change to red and white cars. But they bit the bullet and did it anyway. Then finally, Smokey and the Bandit came out and it had a white car in it so they were real happy to be able to go back to all white cars.

    See, it all works out in the end.
  • Guest (Private)
    13 years ago
    Thanks again Greg.
  • Guest (Private)
    13 years ago
    Gotcha!, right, thanks Greg. By the way, while the Ford here does not have the Red and White two tone paint job, was it done for the movie, or did Louisiana actually change the paint job for their Police Cars?
    This Ford is a restored LSP car. Like many other PDs, the Louisiana State Police has changed their color scheme a few times over the years. From the mid 70s until 1988, they were solid white. 1988 to 1991 they were dark glue with gold graphics. Now they are white again like in this picture, but the roof lights are blue.

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