Old Builds
Older kits from my return to Car modeling. Most were done before discovering polishing kits,liquid cements, and Bare Metal Foil! But these kits led to where I am today, so I'm just as proud of them as I am the newer builds.
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Customized kits here! Watch for flying plastic and putty!
albums: 12
Tuners & Imports
Nothing here but foreign cars and noise making lawnmowers on steroids! Lots of flashy graphics and paint, and BIG wings!
albums: 9
Muscle Cars
Good old American steel here! Tire frying, gas guzzling horsepower on display. No gaudy wings on these, but lots of stripes!
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Everything else
Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories ends up here. This album includes Classics, Modern cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Exotic Sports Cars, Aircraft, and stuff from other builders that I think is cool.
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Paint Jobs/Custom Work for other people
These are bodies I've painted or customized and painted for other people. It seem like my best work goes out to other people, but that's fine with me. If I can make someone else happy, or inspire them to try what I did for them, then I've done something right. I've decided to start doing these on commission, so if you have an idea you can't get to work, or a paint job you can't pull off, e-mail me and we'll talk!
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Contest & Car Show Pictures
Pictures from the contests and car shows I've been to. If you see something of yours from a contest, leave a comment and I'll make sure you get credit for it.
albums: 17
Works In Progress (WIPs)
New stuff being built, for more in-depth looks at any build, click on the link in the folder. Any comments/criticisms/thoughts of me needing medication are encouraged!
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Personal Photos
Family photos, you'll need a password for these! Just pictures of the King of the Goofball Nation and his Princesses! Lots of pictures of them, a few of me. I don't want to scare everyone!
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BMX Stuff
Well, since a good part of my formative years were spent with a set of handlebars in my hands, I figure it's time to post some pics of my "Glory Days" and some of the museum pieces I still have in my possession. It'll take some time, but I'll eventually fill this up with actual pictures of me on my bike, and maybe even a video or two if I can find a way to get 'em off of the VHS tapes cheaply and easily!
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Aftermarket Companies I really like
These are companies that I buy stuff from, and it's some really good stuff! I'll add stuff anytime I find a company or dealer I think you guys and gals should know about.
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2014 Mike Sarris
1974 Charger reference pictures
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  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Tutorial Pictures

    OK everyone, you've waited a long time, but here it is finally. I use Acrylic fingernail filler almost exclusively for my custom work, for a multitude of reasons. It's incredibly strong, versatile, and impervious to stripping methods we use, unlike putties and Bondo. It strengthens the joints made when mating dissimilar parts together, can be used to create small parts, and after 5 years on my Concept Camaro, shows no sign of shrinkage. The down side is the smell, and it's very hard to sand compared to putties and Bondo. But with some practice on a scrap body, once you get used to it's application and sanding, you'll be hooked! This is a "beginner" tutorial on the use of Acrylic filler, we'll get into other application methods and uses in another Tutorial later.

    This album is also going to be the place all future Tutorials are done, so keep your eyes on this space!

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  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Reference Pictures

    Reference pics of various things I feel the need to add details to, no rhyme or reason needed, they're just here for future use!

  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Panthers stuff

    Anything Carolina Panthers related goes here!

  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    My tire & rim stash, and any other various model stuff I want to add

    All of the extra rims, tires and wheel backs I've accumulated over the years. I needed to post some pics of some tires for a buddy on Scale Avenue, so I made an Album just for Tim! Now it takes all kinds of pics for other model-related pics I don't want to make a folder for.

  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Mustang Customizer Wallpapers
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  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Mazda Wreck
  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Halloween 2010

    Pics of Da Girls Halloween makeup. Eva & Mary insisted on the KISS makeup, I had nothing to do with their decisions, but I did do their makeup (Pam did their eyeliner so I didn't blind them!). Pam did Gia's sweet Vampire makeup (She wouldn't bite you unless you asked nicely!), and they went out and snagged a bunch of candy for our work!

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  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Ferrari Testarossa
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  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Kit Decals

    Scans or pictures of the decal sheets from various kits, no rhyme or reason attached, I just had pics of the first two laying around and felt the need to do something with them! I'll add more in as they get scanned...

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  • 2014 Mike Sarris
    Vintage AMT 1932 Ford kits
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