Dale Earnhardt Tribute

AMT's 1967 Impala SS427 is the kit, Revell provided the decals. This kit started out on the day Dale died (It was going to be the color of my 69 Camaro SS/RS 396, and it was already painted with the black basecoat). When I saw what happened to Dale, I decided that since I can't build a NASCAR kit worth a damn, I'd get some decals and make this into Dale's car. The opening in the hood for the SS vents was filled and smoothed out, no other modifications were made. Decals are from a Revell kit, wiring and fuel filter are from Radio Shack. Rims and tires are from an old Monogram NASCAR kit, gas tank covered with aluminium foil. Model Master Metalizers are used on the engine, chassis and exhaust. Drilled exhaust, Bare Metal Foil accents in interior, Dupli-Color clear coat.

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