MY CREATIONS: Crochet Album
Many of my friends remember my original FOTKI site and my zeal for hats and wraps. I was inspired by FeePee and Kina to bring back that album. I won't detail it like before, but just know that ALL of these hats were made a while back, Newly learning how to crochet, and are all one-of-a-kind due to not knowing how to use a pattern. If a style started looking crazy, I just kept it and linked it as part of my creativity!!
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A streamlined version of my locs, which began on November 5, 2004. One year later and I am still learning more and more about my hair and its needs.
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TODAY is my 3yr anniversary!! I SHOULD have done something special, but I DIDN'T!! I should have washed them and retwisted. .. but I didn't!! I did take some shots just to update you! I played with the ones in the front so they could look half-fresh! I plan to do something with them this week!! Enjoy!
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My Locs Journey: Year 4... 11/04 made 4 years!!
This anniversary completely surprised me. I was looking at Kia's album and realized I had a locaversary too!! I have been very negligent with the hair, skin, and weight. Got to get back on board and focus on my goals again. Keeping you posted...
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MY LOCS JOURNEY: Year 5 in November 2009
yeah. yeah... I am late and all. Nothing much to report. 10 pounds heavier than the last time I was on.... about to start a cleanse to lose 25 pounds. Hair is changing... thinning at crown due to hereditary. Cut the straggly ends... about 5 inches were cut. Deciding whether or not to keep or start over again. There you have it. Current weight is 180.
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