Caverns of Doom/ Crypt of the Sorcerer

This is a recent commission I've recently wrapped up. The concept was to take a 2D gaming map from the Early 80's rpg "Dungeon Dwellers" and reproduce it as a playable 3D environment. There wasn't a lot of design, since the maps were my guide, but there was still a lot of figuring out how to execute it.
The doors all work, hinged using RC airplane hinges. The dungeon equipment was storebought, but most of the chests, the straw bed, throne, crypt were all scratch built. Two boards all together, one is 2'x3', the other is 1.5'x1'
Minis painted by Darron Lafleur.


Cavern of Doom 4588

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Uploaded: July 26, 2008