Office of Chancellory and Exchequer

Built from foam, cardboard, plastic, and balsa.
Building in town where taxes are paid, and the Kings will is imposed.

I decided that my town buildings were getting a bit too square to the road. To solve this problem, this building, as well as two others, are all planned around a bend in the street. Because of this, the base for this building is shaped like a diamond. The building, to fit, is rather odd shaped. I really like the unplanned look of this building, achieved by it being unplanned. Originally, I was building this as the chemist shop, but got a little too big, so it became a government building instead. I'll be working on te vines, which are admitadly a bit bushy. I'll be re-shooting this one with better light once the trees turn, and the other half of the project is finished.