1st time around

Since I'm transitioning all over again, I just put my first 8months of transition & 2yrs of being natural in one album. Gonna be more careful this time around. I can't wait to see the difference of how I treated my hair last time & this new journey. I'm ready :0)

please dont steal, God is watchin

back of my pony

missed my hair

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Taken: May 08, 2010
Uploaded: May 08, 2010
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  • 5 years 6 months ago
    Keisha this is beautiful! Can't tell you lost anything! I was thinking about getting twist next, but after listening to your horror story and Msualum09 Idk now? lol.. I've head before that twist are really hard to take down. But I guess I forgot. I better stick to braids!! Keisha you have enough of your own hair to twist up into protective styles.
    • I BC'd United States (Private)
      5 years 6 months ago
      thanks Chan. i'm glad its not noticable, but i should've took a pic of the clumps of knots. DONT try it, lol. i mean its never happened before, & i had a long run with my twists. but i guess my hair says it needs a break. lol that's probably what i'll end up doing, twisting my own hair for awhile
  • 5 years 6 months ago
    GORGEOUS!! i ended up taking mine down earlier than expected too, and I had the worst time detangling lol. I think I had a lot of growth, but I think I might have pulled a lot of it out trying to detangle...especially in the middle of my head-locs were trying to form ( i have no idea why). they were only in for 6-7 wks, had planned on leaving them in longer...and i had some hair loss around the edges from them being so tight :(. it's not that bad though (think i'm the only one that really notices it), and i prob would've been really upset if i hadn't been expecting that to happen. It's funny how you get protective styles done to "protect" your hair, and they end up damaging it lol. Your hair looks great though, can't wait til I reach 2 yrs!
    • I BC'd United States (Private)
      5 years 6 months ago
      thanks Msualum, GIRL OMG i've never been so upset. knots were all along the edges in the middle, they were everywhere! my hair was matted in some places too. it took me more than an hour to get rid of those knots. and like u i normally leave mine in for 2-3months, but the smell of my hair was getting to me. so glad i took them down now, i would've hated to see it in another 6wks like i planned. NEVER AGAIN, and if i do it will be along time from now