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Kathy's Murals

These are my first and only murals so far, I look forward to doing more in the future, children murals and adult murals.
These are done with acrylic paints.
Hatchetman and Hatchetwoman are done with oil and the music lyrics are in acrylic.



I enlarged the bottles so I could fit all that goes on them on them, I have some fruits and flavors and so on to add to these and also have to add the drippings/runoff off of him, shouldn't take to long to finish. I can't beleive that I'm almost finished with these and then I have one more promise to fill, A mural of Carl Edwards for my son inlaw. Oh yeah, I have two more after that, I have to do a couple of small paintings to give my other two gransons as they did'nt get a mural. Theirs will be of and old car or truck, blue or red LOL

Uploaded: February 14, 2011
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  • Bristolcyprus (Private)
    4 years 7 months ago
    Very impressive murals Kathy.  I must confess, I did have to look up Faygo as we don't have that brand over here :)