My Natural Hair Journey (Big Chop 6 Months Post on Dec 24, 2011)
Why Natural? As many of you know, on June 2011 I received my last hair relaxer and embarked on a journey to obtain natural hair, leaving chemicals in my past. During this journey, I will be dealing with 2 totally different textures of hair (previously chemically straightened hair and virgin new growth). My goal is to transition for one full year and chop all chemically straightened hair off - known as a BIG chop - in June, 2012. Let's back up to when my hair was fully relaxed: I got my first relaxer before I ever started elementary school. I had course, thick, medium-length sandy brown hair that was a pain, literally, to deal with. Once I got my relaxer, even though it would burn and was a very unpleasant process to sit through every 6-8 weeks for the past 25 years, the results always paid off. I had long, bouncy, manageable hair - I thought I was really cute. My hair was in great shape, even with the relaxer from elementary up until high school while my mother cared for it and treated it. Once I begin doing my own relaxers in 1996, that's when the damage began to take place..ME, handling my own hair. I wouldn't process it correctly and would even skip over some of the steps, such as using a neutralizing shampoo immediately following rinsing the relaxer. But "I" needed to take things into my own hands and do things my way. The damage progressed over the years through college, causing me to result to weaves and braids.. Relaxed Hair 2008-2011 Learning to care for my relaxed hair: I stumbled across the Cathy Howse hair care guide in college, but I didn't want to take the time to care for my hair as she suggested, nor did I want to buy her book at the time, because I had weaves - and they were convenient. 3 years later when I was fed up with the shape my hair was in, I googled tons of keywords to direct me back to Cathy Howse's book. And I found it! Ordered it! Read it! And officially started a hair care journey for my relaxed, damaged hair in 2007. I was able to build a reputable regimen that enabled me to gain tremendous growth in a year's time. After my journey began, my outlook on hair care and growth changed and flourished. So, why go natural after 4 years of common sense approaches to my relaxed hair? Well, after successfully building a regimen and integrating my own hair care recipes and techniques, I still suffered from occasional set backs in my hair goals, due to problems such as breakage around the nape area and edges, dryness, scalp burns from the chemical, etc. I also grew obsessed with straight blunt ends. Any hair that was out of place, OFF it went! Over time, this set me back, growth-wise because my hair always seemed to be the same length over the last 4 years. (I admit, it always "looked" healthy and full though) In June 2011, I got my last relaxer. Shortly after getting the relaxer, I had done some research on natural hair care and watched countless youtube videos about natural hair care. It was like a light bulb came on in my brain. I used to talk junk about letting my hair go the natural route because all I remember is how poofy and unmanageable it was as a young girl. But because I was tired of the set backs with my relaxed hair, it took me no time to decide that I wasn't getting a relaxer anymore. At the time, my new baby was 5 months old and I had learned so much about natural hair, just by caring for hers. She has gorgeous hair and I would hate for her to want to chemically alter it only because she sees mom doing it. So my reasons are quite simple for wanting to go natural. Embrace what God gave me, be a natural example to my daughter, no more trying out different chemicals to see which one doesn't burn my sensitive scalp, no more set backs due to chemically-induced damage and finally, VERSATILITY! If I want bone straight hair one day, I can have it! And the next day I can have short kinky, stretchy, curly hair! Can't wait! I'm looking forward to becoming 100% natural and so far, I'm enjoying my protective styles (twists, twist outs, braid outs, etc). It's been fun and I do not miss getting my relaxer or dealing with the problems that arose in the weeks following my relaxers. I never thought I would go natural. But I'm ready!
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Relaxed Days In Detail (2007-2011)
Inside this folder is a detailed look at my relaxed journey, regimens, growth, challenges, anniversaries and products from 2007 through 2011.
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