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End of June & July 2009

July is my birth month! Yaaaayyy! I'll be 31 years young this year! I am so thankful and so blessed to see it this far.

I've been natural for almost 2 full years. This is my 23rd month. I can't say that I have loved every minute, but I've enjoyed it and I don't ever want to look back on the processed days. I'm more in tune with myself versus before August 07. I'm more conscious of what I put on my body as well as in my body. I can't say I've gone totally natural with products, but I do what I can.
I shampoo & condition my hair once a week. After conditioning, I apply either olive, castor, or vatika oil to soaking wet hair. I had been using an activator afterwards, but I don't like the stickiness, so that's been stopped. I use aloe vera gel when I have that, but since I've run out, I twist with no product. I use indian hemp grease on the ends of my hair & I rinse and/or steam my hair every morning in the shower. I don't really use a bonnet or scarf at night, most of the time I just slide around on my satin pillowcase.
I have a lot of tangling, but it only takes about 15 or 20 minutes of finger combing with my hair full of conditioner to fix that issue.
I trim as needed and I haven't used heat in years (even as a permie!).

If there's anyway I can help anyone, please let me know. Just leave a msg in my guestbook and I'll respond asap!

U know the drill... Ask, don't steal!

To The Fotki & Beyond!!! 236

See, If I were you, I would just excuse the look on my face. I don't look like that. I was at the hospital with ma for a simple procedure (for her) and I was cold, it was 5:30am, I needed coffee & I had to pee. See what I'm sayin?

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    lol, you re curazee!!