Hair Texture
Apr 29, 2010

My first hair shots & beyond the firsts. The red tint you see in some pics is from the "red-eye" camera flash.

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Wash and Go

These aren't true wash-n-go pics. I never just go after washing. It's a crazy long process of detangling and working products through.

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Product Reviews

This will be an ongoing album/project. I'm still very new to this world of natural hair and I'm learning all the time.
**UPDATE** 11/10/10 Qhemet is my staple line. I have used the Ghee, Honey Balm and Alma Olive Cream consistently since my mini BC in October 2009. I also still use Vatika, ACV rinces and I'm loving Terressentials as my hair cleanser. My ends seem dry and I'm considering a steamer seriously.
**UPDATE** 1/26/10 Still using Terressentials and Qhemet. Now weekly deep conditioning with a new steamer.
**UPDATE** 5/19/11 Terressentials stopped working for me. In April I tried the new CON Argan shampoo. Ehh. I don't hate it but its not the old CON. I'm sticking with it for now.

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Flat Twists

My styling routine since October of 2009 has been Sunday visits to my best friend in DC for her to do my hair in flat twists. I usually wash at home and go to her place where she does the twists. I go home with wet, twisted hair and then take them out in the morning. This method keeps my hair feeling very moisturized for the week. I think it's a much better method for my hair over the wash-n-go. I guess I just need to learn to do them on my own!
**UPDATE** I stopped having my friend do these in Spring 2010. Since then I've been doing wash-n-gos. I still think this is the better way and I wish she lived

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Denman Pics--Please read update

I use a Denman with nine rows to detangle my hair and help distribute products. I experience a lot of shrinkage even without the brush, but with it my hair shrinks even more. I really like this brush and I don't have problems with breakage or hair ripping.
**UPDATE** 1/26/11 I'm taking a break from this brush.
Ummm...yeah. I can't say for sure if this is the culprit of my severe splits. I read other reviews from people complaining of hair ripping and breakage. This brush did not rip or break my strands. I got my first relaxer when I was a child and I continued to relax my hair until 2009. I NEVER had damage like I do now. Ever. This happened after several months of use with this brush.

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Henna experiences.

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The Art of Steaming

I'm having a few issues with my hair. The most serious is mid-shaft splits. I have no idea what has caused this and I couldn't be more upset/pissed. Perhaps I'm not doing enough to keep it moisturized so I've purchased a steamer and plan to deep condition with steam weekly. Ughhhhh.

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