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Anderson-Ladebauche Wedding

The ceremony was held at Boston City Hall and the formals were taken around City Hall Plaza and Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston.
We took the limo back to the Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington Ma for more candid photos.

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Baker-Thyssen Wedding
May 24, 2015

The Beautiful backyard ceremony was held at the home of the Bride's parents. Formals were taken on the Salem Common. Everyone walked to the Hawthorne Hotel for more extended family photos and the Reception.

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Brennan-Costopulos Wedding
Jun 6, 2015

Photos began at the brides parents home in Ipswich. The limo took the bridal party to Holy Family Parish - St. Ann's Church in Gloucester. Formals were taken on the backshore and then we headed onto the Elk's at Bass Rocks for the party.

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Brown-Reppucci Wedding
May 28, 2017
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Cariglia-Gregoire Wedding
Sep 27, 2016

A beautiful sunset ceremony on the Headlands overlooking downtown Bearskin Neck, Rockport.
Thank you, JP Robin Perry for the intimate service.

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Carroll-Wilson Wedding

First wedding ceremony held aboard the Schooner Adventure in Gloucester Harbor. Some final images taken at the Seaport Grille at Cruiseport.

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Charest-Brouillette Wedding
May 16, 2015

The Ceremony and Reception were held at the Rockport Golf Club. Formals were taken in Downtown Rockport, The Headlands and on the Golf Course.

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Cruz-Filamor Wedding
May 19, 2017

Ceremony and Formals at Stage Fort Park and The Tulips at Stacy Boulavard.

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Degere-Olivier Wedding
Jun 10, 2017
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Fisher-Sheppard Wedding
Jul 1, 2017

The ceremony, formals and reception were all held at the newly remodeled Oceanview in Nahant

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Gaulin-Alvarado Wedding
Sep 17, 2017

All the photos were taken at the Elks at Bass Rocks on a very foggy day.

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Geiger-Secovich Wedding
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Hickey-Fernald Wedding
Sep 9, 2017

Pre-photos and preparations where done at the Hawthorne Hotel. The ceremony and reception were held at Finz on Salem Harbor.

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Johnson-Horrigan Wedding
Nov 14, 2015

Formals, ceremony and the reception were all held at The Commons in Topsfield. Due to cold and wind we stayed indoors for photos but The Commons just renovated and did an amazing job!

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Joseph-Ferland Wedding
Jun 3, 2017

Pre photos taken at The Beauport Hotel and Good Harbor Beach. The reception and more formals were taken on the marshlands of The Essex Room.

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Lapham-Ross Wedding
Sep 26, 2015

Getting ready photos were taken before at the brides home. The outdoor ceremony was performed by Richard Perry on Good Harbor Beach accompanied by a solo guitarist, Peter Fedele. The intimate reception was held at The Studio restaurant on Rocky Neck. Formals were taken at Good Harbor and on the docks of Rocky Neck.

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Lloyd-Lavallee Wedding
Sep 19, 2015

First look photos at Fort Sewell and an outdoor ceremony took place at Chandler Hovey Park in Marblehead. The reception took place at Finz Restaurant in historical Salem, Mass.

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Lopiccolo-Morris Wedding
Sep 16, 2017

Two photographers were used to captured this event and then combined together. Pre Photos were taken at a home in Rockport by Kendra and the Beauport Hotel photos were taken by Lelia. First look photos were taken at Plum Cove Beach. Finally the ceremony and reception photos were taken at the Hammond Castle in Magnolia as the fog rolled in.

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Mahnken-Zuckerman Reception
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Mahnken-Zuckerman Wedding
May 8, 2017
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Manyasa-Davis Wedding
Jun 24, 2017

The outdoor Ceremony, Formals and Reception were all held at The Essex Room in Essex, Massachusetts.

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McGuire-Narice Wedding
Apr 8, 2017

Pre-Photos at the Cape Ann Marina Resort, formals at Good Harbor Beach, ceremony and reception was held at The Elks at Bass Rocks. JP Rick Perry and DJ Rolling Rick.

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McMenimen-Keefe Wedding
Oct 1, 2016

Pre-photos were taken at a beautiful home on the shore and alsoat The Atlantis Motel. The beautiful ceremony was held at St. Anthony's Church in East Gloucester. Formals were taken indoors at the Elks at Bass Rocks due to rain. The lively party continued at the Elks.

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Nadia and Mark's Anniversary Photo Shoot

We started at the beautiful Beauport Sleeper McCann House on Eastern Point. Next we headed to the Back Shore of Bass Rocks. We popped inside the Bass Rocks Motel for a cake cutting and outfit change for Mark. More pictures on the rocks and then off to Good Harbor Beach with some cute props.

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Nollman-Kozuch Wedding
Sep 23, 2017

Pre-Photos, the ceremony and reception were all taken at the beautiful Yankee Clipper Inn in Rockport, Ma.

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Pittman-Quinn Wedding
Sep 10, 2016

We started the day with fun "getting ready" photos of the Bride and Groom. The ceremony, formal photos and reception were all held at Salem Old Town Hall in the heart of Salem Mass.

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Sciamanna-Popp Wedding
Sep 12, 2015

Pre photos were taken in Salem at the brides home. The beautiful outdoor ceremony and formals were held at the Rose Garden at Lynch Park. The reception-party took place at The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, to the sounds of The Lisa Love Experience.

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Silva-McBryde Wedding
Jun 2, 2017
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Sing-Lumavig Ceremony
Jul 22, 2016

The formal and ceremony photos were taken at the Glen Magna Estate in Danvers. The beautiful and intimate ceremony was performed by JP Robin Perry.

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Sinnott-Bradford Wedding
May 21, 2016

Formal photos were taken at Weir Farm in Hingham, the ceremony was held at East Weymouth Congregational Church and more formals and the reception were held at Rockland Golf Course.

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Spielberger-Cassel Wedding
Apr 30, 2016

All photographed on a windy but sunny day at the beautiful Nantasket Beach Resort in Hull.

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St. Marie - Carey Wedding
Jun 25, 2016

Pre photos started the day at the Carey home in Andover. The ceremony, formals and reception all took place at the beautiful Hammond Castle in Gloucester.

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Thomen-Brown / Muise Wedding

The ceremony and reception were all taken at the beautiful Willowdale Estate in Topsfield Ma.

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Tiernan-Bailey Wedding
Dec 30, 2017

Pre-formals were taken on the snowy piers of Bearskin Neck. The ceremony was held at the Rockport Congregational Church and the reception was held at the Rockport Art Association.

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Tobin-Millane Wedding
Jun 17, 2017

The Elks at Bass Rocks

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Turla-Arillotta Wedding
Aug 5, 2017

Pre photos, ceremony, formals and reception were all taken at the Haverhill Country Club.

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