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April 2006

Doug Sherman
Driving Around
Apr 16, 2006

I headed out to take a few landscape pics on the roads between Livermore and Tracy, but the very brief glimps of puffy white clouds quickly reverted to rain... AGAIN! So I was only left with a couple of interesting shots of "crap" along the road.

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Doug Sherman
Sunol Regional Wilderness
Apr 9, 2006

Well, its been a while since I've gone out on a photo excursion. And wouldnt you know it, I decided to go to the same place I went last time. Why? Because we have had nothing but rain all through March and early April (march was a record month) and I wanted to see how the Alameda creek looked.

A little disappointed, the water had dropped in the last couple days, but was still a little murky. Also with all the extra brightness off the whitewater, I had to speed up the exposure which resulted in less "pretty" whitewater effects. My bad, I had told myself to get another polarizer and some neutral filters as I experienced some of this last time.

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