Fill for future track and structures- SOUTH SIDE COMPLETED 18 April 2012!

A major, multi-year project to fill low areas of the property. This will allow eventual construction of track and display buildings per our official site plan once completed.

The fill on the south side of the mainline, approximately five acres, is now complete. Approximately 2500 truckloads of fill have gone into the property over the last eight years!

The project started in October 2004, with the placement of 120 loads of fill from the construction of the new Quattrocchi warehouse annex, and material from the museum property. In the summer of 2005, vast quantities of fill were received from a major reconstruction of the lower part of Church Street in Smiths Falls. Many smaller amounts of fill have been received as well from other projects. Starting in September 2008, another major effort began, which would add over 1500 additional loads of fill from two major local projects- the new Smiths Falls water filtration plant, and the redevelopment of the Smiths Falls Hospital.

As of April 2012, the last of the new fill has been able to settle for a year and a half, while the rest has settled as much as eight years already.

The museum contracted with a major local excavating/ road building contractor, Tackaberry Construction, based in Athens, Ontario, to level this entire area, to a height which will allow a sufficient depth of clean ballast below all new trackage. This company has long supported RMEO through donated crushed stone, and they did this work at an extremely fair cost.

The grading was completed on 17-18 April, 2012.

As other major construction projects in Smiths Falls allow, filling work will continue north of the mainline.

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25 October 2008. The fill south of the mainline should be complete within a week or two at this rate!

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