Philadelphia Museum of Art

  • 8 years 11 months ago
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
    aha! got you here, saw the exhibit, took pics of the stairs :-) it was beautiful, some of his earlier work, esp. some miniatures left me speechless...and then there were the eggs on a plate without the plate, a private collection piece and different from other versions on the same! The exhibit was very crowded in a tiny space, and questionably lit, so it made it almost impossible to linger in front of favorites without being I was rude. :-) Thank goodness most visitors went for the "classics" prescribed by the audio guide and left me room in front of the "ugly" pieces which were the best. :-)

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    Well, I couldn't get the ticket. The line of people with tickets was scary too. Good for you!
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    8 years 11 months ago
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
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    couldn't get to this exhibition. completely sold out for the whole duration. Speaking of overrated... I mean, I like the man, but that's way too popular. Something is wrong with that.
    They have a terrific permanent collection which wasn't overcrouded at all.
    Max Ernst exhibit in Metropolitain - almost nobody, easy access. Oh well.
    Good marketing, good for museum. They were selling separate tickets for this exhibit.
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