Nepal Medical Trek
working with The Mountain Fund delivering medical care to very rural northern Nepal, in areas only reachable by foot (with the help of superhuman porters) also spending some down time in kathmandu
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in portland :) let the fun start
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Wedding Weekend
rehearsal, ceremony, reception and all the fun times inbetween..
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i figure i'll start a whole new folder dedicated to the engagement and year leading up to our wedding!
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FOURTH and final year of med school!!! unreal!
my last year of med school: boards, Portland, getting ready for real life.
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THIRD year of med school!
can you believe i'm in year THREE already?!?!
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Second Year of Medical School
as the saga continues.. medicine, business, marathons, and life outside studying..
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Christmas in Nepal
going to Kathmandu, Nepal for 2 weeks over christmas, doing medical volunteer work - i can't wait!!
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First Year of Medical School
pictures documenting that yes it 'tis i, caroline, going through med school. so ceremonies, people (once i meet them) and such will be in here...
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pictures taken while in india
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need i say more?
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pictures from my adventures in and around Xi'an, China
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Chengdu and Bangkok..
1 day in chengdu and 40 hrs in bangkok with andy shap. the pictures are getting up surely but slowly.. so be patient.. internet in delhi is slow at best...
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China English Summer Camp
(there's too many pics for just an album..) pictures from classes, the talent show, and the last day with our (star) pupils.
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Weekend Getaway in China
plane to Guilin, boat to Yangshuo, bike around town, bus to Wuhan, the Yangtze River, train to Xian.
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on the way to AZ and back...
mattie and i headed down for a whirlwind tour of the painted desert in utah by sunrise, grand canyon by afternoon, and phoenix for a day. then back up through NM and finally home at 3am. :) (a 2 days later)
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UK adventures
too much whiskey, late night jet lag and more family gatherings than we could handle!
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Colorado pictures....
pictures from CO.. anywhere anytime anyone..
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TT memories
drinking with tracy... hanging out at Lake Gaston with Mrs T and Mr T
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family and close family friends

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the big drive east....

the drive east from colorado through kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana to kentucky. through KY and NC to SC, then along to coast of SC to Raleigh and Elon, and back to Raleigh.

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the wonderful people we are blessed with - GRANDPARENTS!!

hanging out with grandma and grandpa in columbia, SC, after grandma had her QUADRUPLE bypass surgery.

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