Cars & Coffee 11/22/08

Unbelievable day! SL65 Black Series, new 2010 Nissan 370Z, two 275 GTB Ferraris alongside that 375 MM we know and love, F40, the Riley, Alois Ruf's personal Porsche, 904 prototype, a Daytona Spyder, Callaway supercharged Vette, a military Jeep helping to promote the December 6th Toys4Tots drive, Viper ACR, GT-R vs Porsche Turbo, Stradales, F430s, Diablo, Murcis, and a bunch of random coolness. Oh yeah, and two cars with 32 cylinders between them: The Rosso Dino/Black Bugatti Veyron and Claudio's Cizeta!

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