Cars & Coffee 12/16/06

Gloomy skies kept many people away today. But there were still quite a few cars on hand. About a dozen Ferraris, lots of Porsches as usual. A bunch of Lotuses, American classics, Mustangs, Vipers, vettes, the Vector WX3 coupe, Audi RS4, a pair of Spykers with a Brabus Rocket CLS and in the featured marque corral, Callaway had not only his familiar Speedster and C12 Carbon, but also last week's LA Auto Show display car, the new C16 with 611 hp!

Some sad news to report too. In response to last week's over-the-top display of more horsepower than brains, the signs came out reminding people that they are in fact on somebody else's property and to be well behaved. No burnouts was the message on the signs and fliers. Too bad common sense didn't kick in before now.

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