Cars & Coffee 3/10/07

Sweet! After a stellar C&C I made the trip up to Burbank for the AutoBooks show. MotorheadsTV wa filming and although there weren't a ton of cars up there, the ones that showed were pretty nice. Extra special because of the pople there as well. Lance from Superformance had Shelby's personal Brock Coupe. Reeves brought the Callaway C16. Claudio had the Cizeta there. Dick Guldstrand showed up in one of his signature 50th Anniversary Corvettes too. A little extra excitement when a couple of classic cars had a pretty rough brushup out front too. Nobody looked too badly hurt although the Chevelle driver had quite a gash on his forehead and both cars had considerable damage. Followed Lance and Claudio back to the OC for a bit and got a few extra motion shots while piloting the Magnum SRT-8. Which, by the way, happens to be quite steady at easily attainable ridiculously arrestable speeds.

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