Cars & Coffee 3/14/09

Volvo was the featured marque and besides a few sweet Saint cars, they brought out the all-new XC60 cute ute. As cool as those were, they weren't even the best cars in the corral. That honor would probably go to the Maserati MC12 or possibly the Ford RS200 rally car. The CGT and Stradale weren't bad either, nor were the Isos or Healeys. The main lot had some real gems too with a candy tangerine Porsche, a mustard yellow Dino and a lime green Maserati Ghibli SS with just 12,000 original miles! There was also a CL65 Benz, an Anteros, a Vanquish and some cute gal from Star Motors. Oh, and we spotted one of the infamous OC Lambos. Hope the poor owner doesn't have to give it back. Unfortunately we're guessing that VW is treating these as stolen and a lot of people will be stung by this unfortunate situation before all is said and done.

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