Cars & Coffee 3/31/07

Best Cars & Coffee EVER! 3 Miuras, F50, Weigert with the Vectors, Steve Millen and wife with their orange Fords, Reeves with his C16, old Ferraris, new Ferraris, old Porsches, new Porsches, C-Type Jag, 2 Panoz AIV Roadsters, Scott's new GT3, and, uh, I know I'm forgetting something, oh yeah...Michael Schumacher's 2001 USGP car! The one that had the black nose after 9/11. The only Ferrari F1 car with an American flag on it. The car that only MS and Tony Nobels (the current owner) have driven. What an incredible day. Just like the best days at Crystal Cove. The surprises kept rolling in.

After the show Drew and I went on a Motor Press Guild run from Specialty Transport in Long Beach to the Mercedes Classic Center in Irvine via a private collection in Huntington Beach. A whole lot of incredible Mercedes for the latter part of the day. That gallery is in the Museums/Factories/Dealers folder.

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