Cars & Coffee 7/24/10

Lexus repainted the satin black LF-A and brought it down to Cars & Coffee, where it was parked across three spots in the middle of a row of Nissan GT-Rs that came unannounced. Check out the wear on the driver's seat. Contrast that with the new Lamborghini LP560-4 Superleggera that parked in one spot, off to the side, with a driver who was more than happy to answer questions, let people sit in it and even rev it up to hear that big V10. Che bella. Other highlights included the BRE Datsun, Radio Flyer 510 wagon, new Honda CR-Z, Mustang GT CS and the Exterminator. Lowlights included more than a dozen POS daily drivers that took up valuable spots in the overflowing lot. To make matters worse, several idiots took up two or more spots with their vehicles. Poor form. How hard is it to park in one spot? The people driving the cars parked next to you should be as careful as you are with errant doors, so close those gaps. Worst offenders are in the gallery, as are a yellow Bentley that will make you cry and a Porsche GT3 with purple wheels and highlights. We hope there are good stories behind them.

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