4th Annual Weaver Elementary Summer Jam

The 100 degree temperatures kept most people inside until dusk, but then they came out in swarms to support this incredible Orange County school in its last day of session celebration. About 1,000 students and family members made it down to the school's fields to enjoy the party. Not many schools would draw this large of a crowd, but Weaver's unique position as a choice school, it's wonderful Principal Erin Kominsky, and its excellent teaching staff make it one of the most beloved schools in the county.

Besides the In-N-Out truck, Taco Bell coach and assorted other vendors who donated proceeds to the school's coffers, Summer Jammers were treated to live surf classics by The Elm Street Band and a car show that featured everything from a Lotus Esprit, to a '71 Vette, from a Porsche 356 to a new Turbo, from a 1942 military bike to a wild custom 1959 Buick. About 30 cars, trucks and bikes all together.

So great to see a community pour its heart into their local school.

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