Porsche Club's 24th Annual Dana Point Concours shines through the gloom

The 356 Club of Southern California held their 24th Annual Dana Point Concours d'Elegance this past Sunday, with nearly 300 examples of Ferry's handiwork taking their place on the grassy bluff overlooking Dana Point Harbour. Although the gloomy skies kept temps bearable, it was a great relief when the sun finally broke through, meaning there was zero remaining chance of precipitation. What a shame it would have been for rain to come, although we doubt it would have dampened the spirits of the thousands of people on hand to celebrate these German sportscars...and tractors. More about that in a minute.

The 356 Club puts on this annual Porsche fest, so it's not surprising that those models made up more than half the field, but they let others play in their sandbox too, so there were plenty of 911s and other models as well. Heck, there were even a few non-Porsches in the park. Check out the gallery we put together and you'll see some of our favorites: 904 Prototype, Glockler, Carrera 2, Carrera GT, Speedster, 550 Spyder, Continental, 934, 930, 914, Carrera RS, GT3 RS...the Porsche Diesel tractor, VW Buses, a pair of Enzmanns, and even an MG. It's a pretty amazing show every year, especially for a regional club, attracting several cars from out of state and a couple of celebrities too. Where else can you have those beautiful views, so many amazing cars and Porsche tractor rides too? Check out the gallery below.

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