Crystal Cove 1/21/06

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Cool show today with a nice diversion by way of a ride in Dom's 308 GT4. Thanks to Dom for reminding Jay and I how thrilling each and every Ferrari is to drive. The sound, the handling, the connection to the road is what sets this breed apart from the transportation appliances clogging our highways.

Also need to pass along another request that we tell everybody we know who might be coming to CC that that first row by Starbuck's is still off-limits to any car that might draw a crowd. That's for people who are popping into 'buck's or Pacific Whey and leaving in 30 minutes or less only. Needs to be kept clear of pedestrians as much as possible. Every spot will be freshly painted with that proviso starting next week and tow trucks will be on call. Nothing new here, just a reminder that those businesses appreciate customers being able to come and go unimpeded.

Also, don't forget that if you are lining up to enter the main lot in the morning you need to shut your engine, shut your stereo, and shut your mouth. We know what a b!tch it is to get up so early on a Saturday and we do it by choice. The local residents would like the same option. Be considerate.

And last but not least (and for some reason this was so bad today it was almost comical), no "for sale" signs or any other kind of advertising visible on your vehicle. Selling on this private property requires a permit and none have been issued at CC. If you insist on turning CC into a swap meet, parking in the side lots would be a better option or at least have the good sense to keep that flyer on your front seat instead of in your windshield or in an otherwise visible spot.

Bonus points for this infraction have to go to the billboard atop that 911 and the unique twist of using a flyer on the Mazdaspeed6 to advertise an available Lexus. Double bonus to the dealer cars parked for 2 hours in front of Starbuck's. Thanks for the visual aids on what NOT to do. Hopefully everybody got the message loud and clear today so no further displays will be necessary.

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