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NEW! First look - Revell's '48 Ford Custom Chopped Coupe

Tim Boyd
NEW! First Look - Revell's '48 Ford Custom Chopped Coupe

These are the photos taken from the very first Revell '48 Ford Custom Coupe kit to reach someone outside of Revell's own staff. Revell asked me to review and photograph their new kit so that you could have a detailed look before the kit reaches the hobby store shelves in late September, 2011. Have a look.... (UPDATE #1: You can see the completed model started here and read my full review of this kit in the February, 2011 issue of Scale Auto magazine, p. 48.) (UPDATE #2: Starting on page 3 of this folder, see the results of swapping all the hot rod parts from this kit onto Revell's 1948 Ford Woody, which is only buildable in restored stock form from the kit. Presto! A properly hot rodded '48 Ford Woody, courtesy of the parts from their '48 Ford Custom Coupe, which all swap onto the Woody without modification.) (UPDATE #3 - I have now posted an complete On-line How-to on building this kit, including detailed instructions on how to add the fadeaway fenders. Look for in in the "Tim Boyd On-Line How-To" folder also on this Fotki site at the following link: )

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