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First Natural Hair Journey (Sep. 2006 until Oct. 2008)

This folder contains all pictures from my first natural hair journey from September 2006 until October 2008. Including family photos taken during that time period and a how I cared for my hair during that first journey also. This album also contains the pictures of my very brief curly perm experience. The biggest issue with my curly perm is that is was done by a stylist that did not know how to properly apply them so she ruined my hair. She made several mistakes that caused irreversible damage to my hair and I saw the effects of that damage within only the first weeks so I decided to start all over again. I certainly learned my lesson and I will never trust another so called professional to do my hair ever again.

1st Year Natural Hair 2006-7
These are pics from my first year as a natural beauty. Please share my journey with me as I discover the beauty of my "real" hair!
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Family Photos
This folder contains various pictures of the most important people in my life: my husband and children. There are 3 things in this world that I don't play about and that is my man, my money, and my children so please do not be disrespectful of my family!
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2nd Year (Oct 2007- Sep 2008)
I have gotten through my very first year of happy nappiness. I learned so much and I am certainly more in touch with my natural hair. My most important revelation is that my hair needs and craves moisture. It hungers for vitamins and it hates HEAT! With that being learned, I really look forward to achieving optimum health thus length this year because healthy hair achieves length. I want to thank everyone for their comments, advice and support. I certainly want to give a huge shout out to my Hubby for supporting and loving my natural hair 100%. :o) His love for my natural hair made it so much easier for me to want it to be its best.
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My natural hair care
I have re-opened this album finally. It is still a work in progress. I often experiment with different products. Also my hair's needs and capabilities often change as my hair grows longer which may require a change in my routine. If something changes with my routine or I discover something else worth mentioning then I will certainly add it. For now I have updated my basic routine and products to more natural ones. I also left the folder with my old routine and products in here also. Please feel free to leave comments and give advice. Your feedback is always appreciated. If you have additional questions about anything then please leave those in my guestbook so I can get back to you quicker.
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3rd Year Natural (October 2008 to September 2009)
I have two years of natural growth down and at the end of this year it will be three. I am looking forward to seeing what changes come for my hair now that it's two years old. I hope that my hair doesn't go through the terrible two's like toddlers! LOL Again, thank you all for all of your support. It is truly appreciated.
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Natural No More
These albums contain the photos of what my "few weeks" with a Ferm Curl and Body Perm were like. Notice that I said, "few weeks". After my first wash, I really didn't like it anymore and realized that it was not the right choice for my hair. No, that is a huge under statement ! I hated it and it ruined my beautiful hair! There was massive shedding and it didn't turn out right so I just had to face the fact that I had to start over. I will regret the day I got it done everday until my hair grows back! I will never forget the nightmare because I just threw away over 2 years of the hard work that I put into my hair within a few hours at the salon. All I wanted was to make my hair a little more manageable! Well, I guess I got what I wanted because my hair won't be any fuss for quite some time as it grows back. A curly perm was the last option that I had as an alternative to my natural hair because I have tried everything else. I tried something new, it turned out very badly for me and I'll openly share that experience with you all.
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