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2nd Year (Oct 2007- Sep 2008)

I have gotten through my very first year of happy nappiness. I learned so much and I am certainly more in touch with my natural hair. My most important revelation is that my hair needs and craves moisture. It hungers for vitamins and it hates HEAT! With that being learned, I really look forward to achieving optimum health thus length this year because healthy hair achieves length. I want to thank everyone for their comments, advice and support. I certainly want to give a huge shout out to my Hubby for supporting and loving my natural hair 100%. :o) His love for my natural hair made it so much easier for me to want it to be its best.

October (month 13)

Ok, so this is my first month in my second year! I can't believe it... MY SECOND YEAR! I'm starting this year off with a fresh trim and protective styling. We'll be protective styling until April 2008. During this time, I'll be drowing my hair in natural oils and moisture because the cold can be so harsh drying our hair out thus opening up the door for damage.
My albums may not be too exciting during this period and I'll only have my hair out a few days each month in between protective styles and washing just to let it breathe. Let's get this year out of the way and get into year number THREE!

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November (Month 14)
Nov 5, 2007

I'm into the second month of the beginning of my second year.I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I have so many things to be thankful for especially my family and friends. I truly appreciate all the wonderful people in my life and that includes all my new fotki friends. :o) I truly appreciate all the wonderful comments and I just can't say it enough!

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December (Month 15)
Dec 1, 2007

Hey Ladies, My hair is now 1 year and 3 months long. :o) I am so happy that I've made it this far. I know that I may not have been responding like usual these last few weeks, but I've been busy with holiday preparations, Christmas shopping and some other stuff. However, I have been reading all of your wonderful comments. I truly appreciate every single one and I am going to be getting back to everyone especially to those of you that had various questions so please be looking for that in this week. Although, I've been busy I have had the chance to take a few pictures to update in my December album so far.

I must say that I went through a bit of a down period with my hair these last few weeks. At one point, I was actually considering a curly perm. Whew, boy am I glad that I didn't just go out and get it done. I think I truly would have regret it. I guess I was just in a protective styling-thick hair rut. I was just tired of the braiding and twisting. It takes so many hours out of my day on the days that I have to wash, detangle and braid or twist. For about two weeks, I just stopped. Then I just did some wash and gos for that time period.

I also did some experimenting with a few products that were supposed to detangle and define curly hair. Man, was that a nightmare. The products just made my hair dry and crappy feeling. Needless to say, I just stopped using them. Hubby can tell you that I was so frustrated. I see that my hair is at that stage when it's not long, but it's not short either. It's in between and the thickness of it doesn't help. I know that I just have to stick it out. My hair is not "bad" at all! It just has special needs that people with wavy or straight hair don't.

I even thought of chopping again to get back to my curly just wash and go TWA days. I knew that in the long run, I would also regret that. I'm glad Hubby was here for me aswell to talk me out of that and I didn't just act in a period of frustration. I am glad that I actually had that little hair breakdown. I learned some things about my hair by changing some things up these last few weeks. I think I am finally aware of my hair at this stage and ready to add my hair routine to my album so be sure to check it out.

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Jan 2008 (Month 16)
Jan 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this new year brings wonderful things for us all and if any of you has a new year's resolution then I hope you accomplish it! I am still natural and I am actually glad that I went through that period of frustration. I did a lot of thought and weighed the pros and cons to using chemicals or not. I must say it has certainly made me appreciate my natural hair that much more. For me, choosing to use chemicals definitely would have been a mistake.

***Update A lot of you asked where I get my afros shirts from. I'm sorry I didn't share before. My bad...I got them from I just love their t-shirts and the quality of them!

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February (Month 17)

Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies! I'm still doing my protective styling, which consists of braids or twists. Nothing really fancy. I know it probably seems like I'm doing a lot of braid outs and twist outs, but those are just pics I take when I'm letting my hair getting some air! I hope this month brings you all much happiness and more growth of your nappiness! :o)

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March (One year and a half worth of nappy bliss)
Mar 1, 2008

Okay, Ladies. I will be celebrating a year and a half later this month. HOORAY! My hair will be18 months old. I am so proud of myself and I want to thank you all for your support, advice and encouragement. I am creeping up on that 2 year mark. This second year is actually flying by for me. I guess it is true that time flies when you are having fun and I am definitely having fun. I also finally feel at peace with my hair. I know what it needs, I know what it is capable of, and more importantly what I shouldn't do with my hair.

My hair is changing so I must change with it. It is longer and a lot of the wash and go styles that I loved so much when it was shorter now leave me with a matted/tangled mess in the morning. Yes, I love my beautiful shrunken fro, but that matting causes knots for me and if not careful with detangling those knots could cause breakage. I have come too far now to let laziness hold me back from my hair goals. Over all else, I want my hair to be healthy and with proper health everything else will fall into place.

I have faced the fact that because of the matting at night, it is not best for me to wet my hair loose and especially not let it dry that way. The wash and gos are gone. I will wash my hair only in braids. It needs to be thoroughly conditioned and moisturized. Then I have to let my hair completely dry in braids or twists for at least 8 hours then if I want a particular style like puffs, afros, whatever I'll take my hair loose to do that. My stretched hair behaves much better at night even if it is loose and I do not get that awful matting. Then when it's wash or co-wash day again, I have to re-section, moisturize, detangle as needed and braid it back up before I let a drop of water touch my hair.

So if there is anyone else out there with a texture similiar to mine and you are wondering what you have to do to get rid of those knots at the ends of your hair without just cutting them...well, this is what works for me.

I encourage you to ask questions if you have them or invite me to view your albums. It does not bother me at all and I am happy to help in any way. I may not get back to you as quickly as I want because so many beautiful natural ladies hit me up often and I am a busy mother of four, but trust me I will get back to you! With all of that being said, I hope March brings many blessings for us all and of course healthy, growing natural tresses! :o)

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April 2008 (Nineteen Months of hair)

I celebrated a year and a half of nappiness down in ATL. I had so much fun that I didn't even realize it until I got back. Now we're back home. I know that I have been away for awhile, but I've just had quite a few things going on. My youngest had a birthday on the 6th and I had surgery the following week, but I'm back now. I'm feeling a little better and I've got some updates. The biggest thing is that I flat-ironed my hair! I wanted to try something a little different and have a little fun with my hair so here are those pictures. I will be getting back to everyone as soon as I can.

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May 2008 (Twenty months of hair)
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June 2008 (Twenty One Months)
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July (Twenty Two Months)

Happy Fourth of July everybody. Hubby took a couple of extra days off then we went to Atlanta and Gulfport, MS for Fourth of July weekend. It was fun. I took pictures, but not as many as I should have. We did a whole lot in those 4 days and I didn't get pictures of half the stuff we did. LOL

I am so in love with my hair! Thanks to the Afro Detangler and a new way of washing and styling my hair at night that I call the "scrunchy method", I am no longer staying away from wash and gos! Like last summer, I am happy that the weather is nice enough for me to just wash, go and air dry! So easy, but I will be doing some braids, twists, puffs, twist outs, fros, etc throughout the summer here and there. Not too much, though because I will get plenty of those styles for Fall and Winter again.

I want to thank everybody for all the wonderful comments. I've been busy since the kids have been out of school and I had my niece up from Atlanta so were always on the go. Now the kids are in MS until August, I still have my 3 year old, but I will have plenty time to catch up on my Fotki. So everybody be expecting visits from me real soon. Although, I may not get a chance to comment back on every comment, I do read them and appreciate all the love everyone has shown me during my natural hair journey! My family also appreciates the wonderful compliments also!

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August (Twenty Three Months)

My second year nappiversary is toward the end of next month and I couldn't be more excited. I am so proud of myself for getting this far. I cannot say that it has been completely easy, but I couldn't be happier about my decision to embrace the hair that God intended for me to have!

I'm not really sure what kind of updates I will have in the next few months. I haven't been doing much with my hair lately. Just the same old stuff. LOL I will certainly check in every now and then with some new pics. I plan to stalk everyone else's albums even more. :o) I feel so bad that everyone has been coming through showing me so much love, but I haven't had the chance to visit everyone as much as I would like. I've just been busy living, enjoying the summer and quality time with family. :o) Now that I'm not doing a whole lot with my own hair, I will have the chance to see what's going on with everyone else's beautiful hair.

I must say that for the ladies that I have had the opportunity to catch up with there are some gorgeous women with amazing hair walking this planet. I am so happy to share in everyone's celebration of their beautiful crown and glory! Not just the hair, I love seeing everyone's family, friends and just connecting about whatever from school, new careers, or any other life accomplishments. This really is a sisterhood and I want to thank you all for sharing your experiences may they be good or bad.

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September (2 Full Years of Growth)

Two big things going on this month. First, our family went on vacation in Orlando, Fl from the 5th to the 13th so that's why I've been MIA lately. LOL We had a ball and I've got so many pictures that I'm going to have a folder just for the vacation pictures within my family album.

Second, this is my nappinersary month! Woo hoo! Later, this month is my hair's second birthday and I've got some updated comparison pictures that I will be placing in a new folder within my comparison album.

Again, I want to thank everyone for the support, comments, advice and information. Now that we're back from vacation and settled back in I'm posting updates and I'll be checking on everyone's updates aswell as answering questions so you'll be hearing from me soon!

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