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2 Cultivars

For Cv`s of a certain sp (f.e. Atenuata Cv "Nova") see in folder where atenuata is.

Crazy Horse

Agave Crazy Horse

    Dwarf Blue

    "Dwarf Blue" cultivar

    Edward Hummel

    "Edward Hummel" cultivar.


    "Maculocantha" cultivar.
    Maculocantha appears to be a botanical name but it is not.

    Mendensis Joe Hoak

    Agave mendensis Joe Hoak;.
    A kind of A. desmettiana? The same as A. hartmanii?
    (Mendensis is not an official name!)

    Mendensis Joe Hoak variegata

    Agave mendensis Joe Hoak variegata
    (Mendensis is not an official name!)

    Various cultivars

    Various Agave Cv`s

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