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4 Hybrids

Agave hybrids

Americana X lophantha

Agave americana X lophantha

    Americana X tequilana?

    Agave americana X tequilana?

    Colorata X Potatorum verschaffeltii

    Agave colorata X potatorum verschaffeltii

    Desmettiana X?

    Agave desmettiana X?

    Filifera X ?

    Agave filifera X ?

    Filifera X Schidigera

    Agave filifera X schidigera
    ("A. Leopoldii")

    Funkiana X Lophantha

    Agave funkiana X lophantha

    Gentryi hybrids

    Agave gentryi hybrids

    Glomeruliflora X ?

    Agave glomeruliflora X ?

    Lechuguilla hybrids

    Agave lechuguilla hybrids

    Lechuguilla X Victoriae-reginae

    Agave lechuguilla X victoriae-reginae.
    ("A. nigra")

    Lechuguilla X Xylonacantha

    Agave lechuguilla X Xylonacantha
    ("A. simonii")

    Lophantha hybrid

    Agave lophantha hybrid

    Lophantha X protoamericana

    Agave lophantha X protoamericana (with question mark!)

    Multifilifera X Ocahui?

    Agave multifilifera X ocahui hybrid?

    Utahensis X Mckelveyana

    Agave utahensis X mckelveyana

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    Victoriae Reginae X Asperrima

    Agave Victoriae Reginae X asperrima

    Victoriae-reginae X ?

    Agave victoriae-reginae X ?