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'37 Chevy Coupe Gasser

I originally built this car in grade school. As an adult, I decided that I would rebuild it as a Street Rod but after removing all of the Pink paint (ugh!) and getting it in primer, I decided that it would look good as a primered Gasser. First time for plumbing and wiring an engine. It was completed the second time around in Feb. 2001.

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'39 Chevy Coupe

I built this one completely box-stock with the exception of plug wires. Color of paint is unknown, it was custom-mixed and shot through an HVLP automotive gun. Model was completed March 2001.

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'65 Corvette Stingray

This was another kit I originally built in grade school and decided it was time for a rebuild. It is completely box-stock with the exception of the wheels. It is painted Prowler Purple and was done so with an HVLP gun. Car was completed in March 2001.

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'34 Ford Coupe

This kit was my first for a lot of things. The interior was modified (dash and door panels). I used aftermarket photoetch pieces for the interior (instrument cluster, window cranks, etc). It was the first time I used flocking for carpeting. It was my first time for using filler and modifying the body (smoothing the hood). I had to have several pieces chromed/rechromed. It was an eye-opening experience and it opened the door to a whole different world for me. It was painted 1999 Toyota Venetian Red with an automotive HVLP gun. It was completed in March 2002. Model building has not been the same since.

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'55 Ford F100

I bought this one already half done in a hobby shop for next to nothing. The original builder used a glue that was too hot when they attached the hood hinge to the hood and it melted/warped it so badly that I had to cut out and replace about 1/3 of the plastic in the hood. I painted the truck Testors Silver and covered it with Testors clear, all through a spray can. It is box-stock with the exception of stained Balsa wood in the bed. Completed October 2002.

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Paddy Wagon

I always thought this car was so cool as a kid. I built this one 100% box-stock to compete in box-stock competition. Completed Feb. 2007.

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Shelby Series 1

Not my usual subject matter. I built this car as a birthday gift for my brother-in-law. It is (was at the time anyway) his dream car. Car was built box-stock with the exception of flocking for carpeting. Car was painted with Testors Silver/Testors clear with a spray can. Model was completed in May 2007

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'33 Ford Tudor Sedan

This one is special to me. My uncle is the reason I build model cars. When I was a kid, we would sit and build models together. He built this very car and I remember looking at it sitting on his shelf. I always thought it was such a slick looking car.
Fast forward about 20 years. I went over to my uncle's house to visit and he hands me a box of busted-up models to use for parts or projects and low-and-behold, that maroon Tudor Sedan I admired as a kid was in there. The years were hard on her but I was so excited! I immediately stripped it down and carefully took it apart. I bought a '34 Coupe for a donor kit to replace the parts that were broken. I decided to build it as a 50's style traditional rod. It received several custom touches and aftermarket parts. I painted it Krylon "Sparkling Canyon" in a suede finish. I love the way it turned out. It's so cool to have this one in my collection where I can admire it on my own shelf now. It was completed in August 2008.

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'23 T bucket

I bought about 40 unbuilt models from a local guy and this was one of them. It was a vintage AMT 2'n1 kit and all of the parts to make the custom version were long gone and many of the parts to make it stock were gone also so I came to a crossroad. Should it go to the parts box or be built? Well, I decided to build it. The body and the front seat are the only pieces from the original kit. Everything else is either scratch-built, kitbashed, parts box or aftermarket. Scratch-built items include the complete frame, floorboards and firewall. Painted Testors "Fiery Orange". Completed January 2010.

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'69 Chevelle 300 Deluxe

A good friend of mine owns a 1:1 version of this car. He wanted to build a model of what he wanted his car to look like someday but he self-admittedly lacked the skills to accurately build one. I offered to put it together for him. I went to his house, took some pictures of his car for reference, grabbed his AMT '69 Chevelle SS 396 model kit and I was off. Four years later, this is the result. It was built to his liking and it is how he wants his car to look someday, down to the steering wheel. It was painted MCW Grabber Yellow and Black. Model was completed August 2012.

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'58 Ford Thunderbird

Another four year labor of love, this car was built as a tribute to my favorite painter/customizer, Larry Watson. Body was completely shaved of all emblems and door handles and was sprayed with three custom-mixed shades of green. Bumpers were shaved of bumper guards and were rechromed. Seventy one holes were drilled into the grill and seventy one pin heads were inserted to replicate grill buttons. Engine and interior were built box-stock except for distributor, flocking, and foil. Completed February 2015.

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'53 Chevrolet Corvette

I kind of just dreamt this one up in my head. Body was shaved of the emblems on the front and rear of the car. The bumpers and grille were tossed aside also. Inner fenders were removed and firewall was smoothed. Rear frame was "pinched" to allow for larger tires and wheels which came from a Dub City diecast. Engine is the kit-supplied piece but was heavily modified. Fuel Injection system was completely scratch built. Exhaust was re-routed to just behind left front wheel well via a scratch built header and muffler. Interior was painted a custom mixed brick red color and silver. Body was painted Testors Anthracite Gray Metallic and covered with Testors Wet Look clear, all shot through an airbrush. Completed December 2015.

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'27 Ford T Touring

This was supposed to be a quick build-in-between-builds that ended up taking longer than it should have. The car was built to replicate the box art. I've been in a 70's mood lately and this one kinda spoke to me. It has embossing powder inside for carpeting. I ground out the molded-in chrome headlights and installed clear lenses. I also sanded the raised lettering from the kit-supplied license plate that said "LIL J" and instead made a license plate online using the same characters but used a more accurate license plate to the time period this car would've been built. The wheels were stripped of their horrible chrome plating and were shot with alclad. It was otherwise, built box-stock. The body was painted not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times before I was satisfied. It was painted in Testors Yellow and the fenders were painted in a brown that I custom mixed to my liking, using Testors enamels. They were then thinned out and shot through an airbrush. It was completed April 2016.

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