During my Mother's & Grandmother's time they alway said that it is best to cut your hair between the new moon and 1st quarter moon.and my grandmother always looked through the Famer's Almanac for the best days for doing activties. The moon invoke powerful magnet upon our earth. It helps in the planting of harvesting/planting of crop during the season. The ocean tides are affected by the gravtional pull of the moon,. Women's menstrual cycle, and mood swings are even affected by the moon. It makes sense that our hair is also influnce by the moon magnetic powers, in that our hair grows in phases.during the waxing the phase it is excell in growth, whereas during the wane9 the moon gets smaller) our hair grows slower.
Cutting the hair during the new moonto 1st quarter when the moon looms larger than life our hair grows faster.......My goal is to find a way to stimulate the growth phase of the hair....The Moon phase calendar is a excellent way to find the days that will stimulate our growth spurts.....If you want to thicken your hair cut on full moon days only
I have a link for the moon phase cycle I will be cutting my hair April 30th new phase, also it algins with the sign of cancer, and other planets are aligned with each other providing powerful progress for growth..

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Using Moon Phase for hair Care
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