Before & After
This includes hair and/or makeup before and after
albums: 1
Braids & Weaves
These include all types of hair extension, including braids, weaves etc. Some albums may have some before photos.
subfolders: 7
This includes all types of makeup, bridal photo shoot etc
subfolders: 1
This album was created to show more of me…. Hair styling is part of which I am but not all that I am! I am an Artist, an innovator, an entrepreneur with a passion! I’m also your normal everyday girl who sometimes LOVE taking pictures of herself:) I have unquenched desire for Health and Beauty!!!!!!!!!!!! I did my hair and makeup in all the photos. YES, I sew and cut my weaves myself! I've tried letting other people do it, but I always come home and fix it for over three hours! Don't even bother to ask how my arms feel after sewing my weave, you don't want to know!
albums: 1
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