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Wroclaw is the fourth biggest city in Poland and the biggest city in the west of the country. It has a population of over 630 thousand residents actively involved in the life of the city. Situated at the river Odra. Wroclaw is a unique city of 12 islands and 112 bridges. As the most important city of the Lower Silesia it is its administrative, economic and cultural capital. It is a city with a history of one thousand years where the heritage of the past intertwines with the modernity of the business center. It is beautiful city and it is highly recommended to pay a visit if in area... check some photos I did during single day in Wroclaw (city plus wonderful botanic garden).

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Transition #2

The anonymous pedestrians statue is at the corner of Pilsudskiego and Swidnicka streets and not far from the railway station (just opposite of Holiday Inn hotel). It is a life-size bronze statue of 14 people descending into the earth.

It commemorates the introduction of martial law and in particular the many people who disappeared in the middle of the night on 13 december 1981. Especially poignant is a mother with a pram and a man only visible from the waist.

The official name of the statue is 'Transition'. It was designed by Jerzy Kalina and erected in December 2005.

Uploaded: October 08, 2007
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