Isle of Wight - Walking tour: From Yarmouth to Brook Chine

Circumnavigating an island is always a rewarding experience and the path around the Isle of Wight's spectacular coastline is especially satisfying. The variety of the coastal scenery is amazing, with towering stark white cliffs, the spectacular chalk stacks of ‘The Needles', the multi-coloured sands of Alum Bay, wooded ‘chines', golden beaches, dramatic landslipped bluffs, sheltered undercliffs, tidal creeks, estuaries, mudflats and salt marsh. Along the trail you'll find sleepy thatched villages, lively seaside resorts and bustling harbours.

This tour starts at Yarmouth and ends in Brook Chine (cca 12 miles). Enjoy!

© Copyright by Hrvoje Crvelin

Chair lift

Photo taken from platform at beach (and obviously against the sun).

Uploaded: July 23, 2006
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