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ace, bad, best kind, beyond compare, boss, capital, champion, chief, choicest, cool, crowing, culminating, finest, first, first-class, first-rate, foremost, greatest, highest, incomparable, inimitable, leading, matchless, nonpareil, number one, optimum, outstanding, paramount, peerless, perfect, pre-eminent, premium, prime, primo, principal, sans pareil, super, superlative, supreme, terrific, tops, tough, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled

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balmy, broiling, flushed, glowing, hot, lukewarm, melting, mild, pleasant, roasting, scorching, sizzling, snug, summery, sunny, sweating, sweaty, sweltering, temperate, toasty, amorous, angry, animated, ardent, earnest, effusive, emotional, excitable, excited, fervent, fervid, glowing, gung ho, heated, intense, irascible, keen, lively, nutty, passionate, spirited, stormy, vehement, vigorous, violent, zealous

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  • © 2010. Everything is everything. But these are mine. Do not copy.

    arctic, biting, brisk, chilly, freezing, frigid, frosty, glacial, icy, nippy, raw, sharp, wintry, assured, collected, composed, coolheaded, deliberate, detached, impassive, imperturbable, level-headed, nonchalant, philosophical, placid, quiet, relaxed, self-controlled, self-possessed, serene, stolid, together, tranquil, unagitated, unflappable, unruffled

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