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Hector Pachas
Leonids Shower and some more
Nov 17, 2006

After a refreshing session of Yoga, I had to drive 2hrs to Pennsylvania in search for clear skies... well it didn't work quite well. Still, there was a chance to get some nice displacement shots of the stars and a blurry shot of the meteor shower.
The next day was almost the same story, clouds more clouds but went on to get some nature shots.


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Hector Pachas
Orionids Night
Oct 21, 2006

Well, I did get to see the meteors burning in the sky though I don't think I got them in the sight of the lense ... ( the 10-22 would've come in handy )

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Hector Pachas
Moon shots

For the ones that like the moon, here are some shots. I haven't done a full calendar but different phases are here.

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Hector Pachas
Landscapes and Miscs

I'm into taking pictures of everything, if it could go from a bird or squirell, to a mere cloud.

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