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Hector Pachas
Night out with Friends
Nov 2, 2007
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Hector Pachas
Cesar's house
Sep 16, 2007

At my dad's best friend's house... they go waaay back and we stop by with my mom to have some lunch.. reaaaally good... though I think I should've been taking more pics of people.

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Hector Pachas
Dogs and a night out
Sep 14, 2007

Some shots of my dogs, and a couple of pics with some of my best friends in Lima.

We went out to Etnias in the centre of Lima, pretty cool place it even included a show... can't remember drinking that much before...well I have but I woke up sometime after 1:30pm today.

What a hangover !!!!

check out the video section too

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Hector Pachas
Earthquake relief and Social work
Sep 8, 2007

So, as soon as we got off the plane, Rob got to sleep a bit more, we head down to Villa El Salvador to get Rob's handmade shoes and from there drove down south with my parents to Chincha, which is 3 or 4hrs drive.

Though it wasn't the main area that was hit by the earthquake, it was as if a bomb fell on it. Destruction all over but still human spirit is stronger in front of adversity,

Rob thanks a lot for being there with us, it meant a lot !!!

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Hector Pachas
Tim & Rob's Birthday
Jul 28, 2007

So early in the morning we started by trying some archery at Manchester CT, followed by a game of volleyball ( turned into american football by Rob ) to later head to Beach Cafe in Westport to celebrate Tim & Rob's birthday.

Happy Birthday guys !!!

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