Sean Ducks 2010 Dec 14

Not much time for a full report. I have to say it was brief, but exciting morning of duck hunting. With the ice coming off of a lot of the water, there seems to be an influx of ducks or at least some trading back and forth to provide good hunting conditions. The strong wind forecast for this morning caused me to stay at work late last night to take care of some items so I could get out this morning. The effort paid off as I got to enjoy a morning with lots of ducks flying and willing to work the decoy spread. I couldn't stay long with demands at work and the need to get back in, but I wanted to shoot all drakes this morning and I was able to do so and added a little variety. The ducks wanted to see some flash today so the spinning wing was employed to help out and it really made a difference on getting the ducks attention. Typically, the spinning wing decoy is more pain than it's worth on the water, but not so on this hunt. I can take or leave it, but was glad to have it today with the competition on the river. Anyway, enjoyed another solo adventure this morning and took some really nice ducks. I was able to take a couple drake pintail once again with one of them being really. This has been the best year ever for pintails for me. I also took a couple of nice widgeon drakes that I could have passed up for mallard drakes, but the sun was hitting them just right as they were decoying and it felt like the right day to take a couple. It's been a good duck season so far with December starting out quite well. Let's hope it continues. Pic's attached. It was nice to have some sun for picture taking today. It broke out just after I shot the last duck.

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