Sean Quail Chukra 2010 Oct 11

Got in 3 partial days of quail hunting last weekend. Last Saturday, I only had time for a short hunt and hit a spot close to my house that I saw a covey of chukar on before the season. Others have seen them and have been hunting them as well. The dogs only found 2 single chukar and I killed both of them but was only able to recover one of them. The dogs found one covey of quail and I took 3 out of that group. I'm sure there are huns on this ground as well, but I have yet to find them for sure. Rose was on point so far away from me in a likely hun area, but I couldn't find her due to the distance and not being able to verify the location of her beeper. I'm pretty sure she had some huns locked down, but after 10 minutes of searching they must have flown away and she finally showed up with a look of disgust on her face. I was just as disappointed as her. No pictures that day - forgot the camera. Sunday, I did a solo hunt since I couldn't find anyone to go. Hunted some BLM land north of town and found 6 coveys of quail. The cover was thick and without a partner to squeeze them, most of the quail flew out the opposite sides of the cover so shooting was limited. I did manage to kill 10 quail, but the dogs were only able to recover 8 of them. The covey sizes were not as big as I had been seeing in other areas. It was warm out that day and the dogs did a great job, but they were spent after 4 hours of hunting so I ended the hunt and got back to coach Kyle's Grid Kid game. They won 38 - 13 to assure themselves a spot in the playoffs and Kyle ran for another long TD on only 3 carries. Pictures attached of the dogs and the quail. On Monday, I went back to a spot I hunted on opening weekend and Craig Riche and Don Benson accompanied me. Don brought his 2 Pointing Lab's so we had plenty of dog power. It didn't work out as well as I had anticipated. The conditions were favorable for scenting but the quail just weren't there in near the numbers as the last time we hunted the property. We only found 2 coveys and took 7 quail between us. Pretty disappointing, but the dogs got out and worked hard. Some days you win and some days the birds win. Pictures attached from the hunt.