Sean Ducks 2011 Jan 20

I was fortunate to get a call from Jon Berry with an invite to hunt down his way along with a goose guide for Bill Saunders named John Plughoff. The local creeks and rivers were flooding down his way and it had created some ideal hunting conditions for ducks in flooded pastures. This is about a once every 4 year event Jon said so to get in on it was very lucky. Thanks, Jon! We had a little issue with some other hunters trying to set up too close to us but Jon resolved that and the hunt was on at first light. It wasn't fast and furious but very steady action and we were getting mallards one and two at a time. Before you knew it the trees were growing mallards (see pic). Jon's dog, Missy, handled the retrieving duties and the set up was really cool and unique. We were hunkered in willows in the standing water while calling and shooting. At one point, 8:33 a.m. to be exact, my son Cody tried to call me to check on the action and I had forgot to turn the ringer off so I went ahead to answer it. Well, he had hung up by that point but it was enough to pull me away from my shooting position and of course, a flock of wood ducks bombed into the decoys and before J & J realized what they were, they got out too far for a good shot. There were 3 prime drakes in the group! Thanks, Cody! We proceeded to get our 7 ducks each and I was fortunate to add a pintail drake to the 20 mallards. One thing we learned was that the ducks were picking us out on the edge of the willows. They weren't flaring and would still work over the top for a decent shot but not finish into the decoys. We happened to all be back deep in the willows working on John's gun (he had issues with it) when some ducks back-winged into the decoys. So we opted to move further back in and the last ducks we needed came right into the decoys for good shooting. John took advantage of that while shooting my gun and it was cool to watch them decoy so well at the end. I wish we would have picked up on that earlier but better late than not at all.

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Decoy Setup on Flooded Pasture 12011

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Taken: January 20, 2011
Uploaded: January 25, 2011