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Aug 7, 2006

Next best thing since Viagra.

Finally went out and got one of the buggers after reading a thread on it. Chose a “toy” one for 2 reasons. It was one of the few with a single head/brush, plus the blister pack will make a good mold to dump excess plastic and resin into to make a model in itself. I used flush cutters to snip all the tooth brushing bristle down as far as I could cut. I then used a cigarette lighter to slightly “flame the remaining bristles. This made them glob into individual clumps. I then cut a 5/16th inch styrene tubing about ½ inch long. This fit nicely between the outer bristles and the inter bristles. I place the tubing between the inter and outer bristles. From inside the tubing, I dropped a few drops of think superglue and immediately applied the accelerant. I then used regular sanding disk that come with a dremal and superglued them to the business end of the styrene tubing. Work great. Make sure you use water to saving on the life of the disk and improve cutting. I just dip the disk in water. Perfect speed. Great idea whoever first mentioned it.

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